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3 Stars for Predator in Paradise by Shelter Somerset #MM #Surviving @ShelterSomerset @dreamspinners


Title: Predator in Paradise
Author Name & Publisher: Shelter Somerset (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: September 25, 2015 – 230 pgs


Backpacking in California’s Laguna Mountains to repair their troubled ten-year relationship, Owen Underwood and Dwayne Bosco never imagined their four-day “therapeutic excursion” would turn into twelve days of terror. Stalked by a ferocious, unwavering mountain lion, they find refuge the only place they can—on the roof of a boarded-up miner’s cabin. To stay alive they must keep the fierce, hungry predator from reaching them.

As the hours stretch into days, hope for rescue fades. Dwindling provisions and exposure begin to eat away at their bodies and minds. Their new hell makes their carefree college days where they first met at a fraternity party seem light years away. With each escape plan falling apart, their only deliverance might come with death. Yet even as they face their demise, they wonder if they can find the love they once had for each other to at least utter a final good-bye.

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Okay to start this review… I was interested in this story for the reading about two men who are a couple trying to survive in the forest against a predator.  Well I still really liked the predator part in some parts. But Dewayne’s constant bitching and nit picking Owen seriously drove me up the wall.  It was so constant that it became irritating and took away from the rest of the book.  I would hope with as long as they have been together that if Dewayne had treated Owen like that for most of their relationship Owen would have more self confidence and self worth to leave him because it was horrible the way he talked to him.
I know this book was about fixing there relationship and the same time surviving but that kind of anger Dewayne had and attitude was just crazy to think they would have fixed it by going on a hike.
So after days of being stuck on the roof because of the mountain lion which I never got a real explanation on why it would just sit there stalking them for that long… They did not talk much about their problems or try to work on anything while they were stuck so when everything with them wrapped up so nicely without much work on their part I could not help thinking really… So much of this book just did not make sense to me at all.  You got no sense of love between these two through most of this book.  You did feel Owen trying to save them as a couple at the same time Dewayne came across as almost hating him.
I guess I was left without a lot of questions after reading this and a lot of things being wrapped up to neatly.
So all together I am sad to say this book was not for me.


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