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5 Star and 4 Star Reviews for No Remedy (Bounty #2) by Christine d’Abo #MM #ScienceFiction

CoverTitle: No Remedy (Bounty #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Christine d’Abo (Riptide Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: May 30, 2016 – 245 pgs


For months, Mace Simms has been seeking an antidote for the poison killing her mentor. Her only hope is Alec Roiten, a brilliant scientist hiding on a backwater planet. Posing as a research assistant, Mace offers the elusive genius all the help she can, ignoring the explosive chemistry between them. Soon they’re close to a cure.

But then Alec’s former love Byron shows up, attempting to claim a bounty on Alec’s head, and all that careful research gets left behind when they’re forced to flee. And when Byron realizes the tip-off about Alec was a ruse by his rivals to lure him out into the open to kill him, the bounty hunt turns into a three-person scramble for survival.

Byron wants his old lover back, Alec is consumed by a haunting secret about the poison he’s desperate to defeat, and Mace is caught between them. But she’s beginning to think that’s exactly where she belongs as the three are drawn together in their race against death.

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Two is good but three is best or at least in this case. This book picks up a couple years after book 1. Faolan has taken a turn for the worst and even though him and Gar are now married and happy, he has basically given up on finding a cure for the poison that is coursing through his body and just wants to live out what little time he has left.

Mace will not except this and goes and looks for the one person who may be able to help her find a cure, Alec. But with Alec comes more trouble and one of those TROUBLES include a bounty hunter and head of the guild Byron. The trouble with Byron includes his past with Alec. They were lovers until Alec ran. Finding one another again is where the problems started to come and come in full force.

These people (Mace, Alec,and Byron) are so completely opposite of one another. Mace is part of the Pirates ship that Faolan is captain of. Alec is a scientist. And Byron is a bounty hunter. Can these three with different past all come together or are the three of them just two different?

I loved book 1 and I can say with all honesty that I Loved book 2 also. There is so much adventure, mystery, suspense, anguish, lost love, new love, lust, and heartache all within this book. There is not a dull moment in this book. Your are literally on the edge of your seat while reading what is going to happen next. Wondering who is the good guys and who is the bad. Wondering if they will be able to find the cure they are working so hard to find in time. And also wondering what is really going on that someone would want to kill them all. It’s is almost as if every page you turn in this book something new is happening but it is not so overwhelming that you lose sight of what is going on in the book. That is hard to accomplish with so many different things happening and seeming to happen all at once. That is what makes Christine d’Abo an amazing author and this such an incredible book.



No Remedy is a sexy and suspense-filled space adventure.

This book continues the story from the first book while introducing us to great new characters. Alec, Byron, and Mace make a great triad. Their bedroom power dynamic play adds an interesting element both in terms of their relationship and the steamy sex scenes. As with the first book, the characters are well-developed and intriguing.

I have one complaint about this book. In the first book, there is a plot device that throws Gar and Faolan abruptly into the start of their sexual relationship. I found the situation believable, and it flowed well with the story. In this book something similar was done to bring the three together the first time. To me, instead of flowing with the story it seemed somewhat forced. It didn’t feel like it really fit with the story.

I enjoyed this book but it didn’t thrill me the way the first book did. I still found it very engaging, and I’m looking forward to the next book.

I don’t recommend this as a stand-alone book. But I do highly recommend this series to anyone looking for an erotic, kinky, and romantic Sci-Fi.

Trigger warning: Multiple sexual scenes with BDSM.



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