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3.5 stars for Haunt Me by Megan Dorei @MeganDorei @LT3Press #FF #ParanormalRomance #Ghosts


Title: Haunt Me
Author Name & Publisher: Megan Dorei — Less Than Three Press
Publication Date & Length: January 23, 2013 — 43 pages


Elise and Rose never had an easy past—they started out friends, but life and other women quickly got in the way. Then tragedy struck, and Elise’s life is lost … until she reappears in Rose’s home as a ghost, giving the two women one last chance to fix the wrongs between them in the hopes of being happy together in the next life.

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I had really high hopes for this story because I love ghost stories. However, it fell a bit flat for me, probably because it was focused a bit more on the romance than I was expecting, which shouldn’t surprise me actually.


This story takes us from the beginning of a relationship or friendship to the end, which is always beautiful to see. I loved see all different aspects of Rose and Elise. However, I had a lot of issues with the transitioning between the timeline. It was abrupt and awkward for me. I kept thinking I would get used to it, but I just couldn’t and it made me stop and start and have to rethink a lot about what was going on in the story as a whole.


This was a good short story aside from that and lack of explanation to how Elise did things. It was a quick read that took me maybe an hour to complete. And honestly, the Megan’s bio could really be my bio. Kansans unite!




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Megan was born and raised in Kansas, where she’s met some of the most amazing people (and sometimes not-people) who have inspired her writing. From the very start she’s been fascinated by the unusual, the “off-the-beaten-track”, and she’s in love with the way being a writer seems to embrace this. When she was younger, she and a pack of her friends would terrorize the town with fantastic stories of swords and sorcery. Now she likes to think she’s a little more refined (although the swords and sorcery remain).

She discovered her talent for romance (erotica in particular) when she began reading and writing fanfiction. She would often write naughty scenes for her friends to read and giggle at. While she does have a passion for romance (straight, gay, bi, doesn’t matter) she is attracted to nearly any type of genre and loves to challenge herself. She would drown her world in background music if she could. She dreams of someday becoming a vigilante, or she’d settle for successful author. She loves to hear from people, so drop her a line at patriot311@live.com or look her up on Facebook.


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