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New Release: 4.5 star,TWO 4 star and 5 star reviews for The Artist and His Alpha (Alpha and Omega #3 – Standalone) by Lisa Oliver (Author Interview) #MM #ShapeShifter

actual cover copyTitle: The Artist and His Alpha (Alpha and Omega #3)
Author Name: Lisa Oliver
Publication Date & Length: February 3, 2016 – 189 pgs


Caden Wolfe lives his life hiding from the world. As an Omega with a brute of an Alpha looking for him, he can’t afford to take any chances. He is happy enough with his art, his one good friend Felix and his agent who adores his paintings. It’s a far cry from life on the streets and Caden is determined to keep working hard, and stay out of the spotlight. Staying away from all things wolf is easy enough in the city, until he meets the one man with the potential to blow his cover and his way of life, out of the water.

Sean Black has it all – a brother for pack, a home pack that is still supportive but far enough away not to interfere with his daily life, a good business, and men who clamor for his attention every night of the week. The last thing he wants or needs is a mate, but after a brief meeting with a gorgeous artist, he realizes his life will change, and not necessarily in a good way.

A misunderstanding leads to danger for Caden and Sean has to make a choice. Can he give his Omega what he needs, or should he make sure he’s protected and then walk away? A rogue Alpha with an agenda of his own, a trap, and trouble from the council are just a few of the things this couple will have to contend with if they are ever to have their HEA.

Warning: This book is an M/M paranormal romance. It includes sexual scenes between two men. It also includes an Omega who will tug at your heart, an Alpha who deserves a smack around the ears at times, and a love story that takes just a little while to unfold. This is based on the true mate trope, so if that is not your cup of tea, then please don’t buy any of my books.

The Alpha and Omega series are all standalone books, with no relation to each other at all, unlike my books in other series.

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I’ve recently found Lisa Oliver and since then I have come to the conclusion you can never go wrong reading one on of her books. From chapter one, you are pulled into the world of mystery, fun, alphas and heartbreaks. Sean and Caden are right there too.


I never found myself bored with this story, and I was disappointed when it finished, only because I wanted to keep reading about these two sexy men and their supporting friends and family. Ms. Oliver does a fantastic job with setting the scene of getting to know each character, their first interactions, their conflicts, and then the resolution. She doesn’t leave you hanging.


Hot-to-trot Sean is an alpha who is enjoying is freedom and lifestyle of not being attached to anyone. So when he meets Caden, he is so confused and at first fights it, but not in an over-the-top drama kind of why, more of reorganizing his heart, life and conscious to accept what love truly is and his fated mate.


Sweet and shy Caden just grabs your heart strings from the beginning and is terrified upon meeting his fated mate. As he learns how a true Omega should be treated, which is polar-opposite of what he has learned growing up, his own heart breaks the steel bars and wants to shine with love that has been hidden for so long.


The supporting cast of Liam, Felix and Ian were amazing and definitely helped with the character building and support of this wonderful story.


The only problem is that Liam and Felix were such a strong support and I fell in love with them so hard that I was left abrupt with this story knowing it was a stand alone and knowing I may not ever get to read about those two delicious men. I honestly feel a little robbed of it. Overall though, I did enjoy this story. It really had that combination of sweet, action, and alpha all in one.



This book was pretty amazing but then I’ve read books by this author before and have never been disappointed. First this can clearly be read as a standalone. I have always found books by Lisa Oliver to keep me entertained and this one was very entertaining and an enjoyable read. Ms. Oliver has a writing style that makes it a very easy read. I found the characters to be interesting, but not complex. I fell for Caden almost immediately and Sean was not far behind, even though Sean was clearly clueless throughout the book. I absolutely adored the secondary characters especially Liam and Felix. This was a great story from start to finish and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances.



Triggers: Abuse, cult type behaviors

This author is great!  She gives twists and turns, but also allows for a resolution too.

This story has some fantastic elements, but I thought that it was also lacking in some ways too.

Caden is a strong, silent artist.  I really enjoyed his character.  Despite that he was not the “typical” omega, he has been successful in creating works of art that people flock to.  He is running from his past, surviving without living.  His really good friend, Felix is a hoot.  I really enjoyed how he was able to bring Caden out of himself – but didn’t push Caden to do more than he was capable.

Then you introduce Sean.  He was pushy, grouchy and mysterious all wrapped in to a yummy shifter.  Immediately, he’s intrigued by Caden, but because he has lived a very different lifestyle, mainly getting anyone he wants, he is at a loss as to how to approach Caden.  Their first encounter is confusing and neither character really knows how to react to each other.

Once you are through the immediate issues that both Sean and Caden find, Oliver was able to draw emotions out of the reader through feelings, emotions, relationships and the story just begins to bloom.

Despite some miscommunications and a lot of flubs by Sean, he finally understands what love can be and wants to have it with Caden.

I liked the conflict in this story but felt that it was unfinished – we were kind of left hanging.  Maybe it will be resolved in the next story?  I can only hope!



This book is definitely a 5 star book. I just recently got into reading shifter books and with each one I love them even more. This has got to be my favorite to date.

Sean is what one would an Alpha wolf. He and his brother Liam own a club in LA and both are Alphas. Sean has made his mind up a long time ago that he did not need to be tied down to anyone when he can have someone new when he wants. That is until Caden comes along and Sean realizes right away he had met his fated mate. Then everything changes.

I know that Alphas are supposed to be the strong ones and they are but I have to say that I believe that Omegas are stronger. Or at least in this book anyway. Caden is an omega but he has no pack and is a lone wolf. Under normal circumstances omegas cannot survive on their own without a pack and Caden does. Not only does he, he is thriving on his own as far as having his own home, having a career that he is great at, and relying on himself to stay safe.

Caden is such a strong individual whether or not he is an omega. He has survived being abused and mistreated since the moment he was born because some dimwit convinced others that he was weak and useless for being an omega. But in my opinion the opposite is true. Caden took what was thrown at him with grace and never let it end him. He could of given up but it was not in his nature. He might have been scared of what the future would hold but he still did not let it stop him from becoming self sufficient. That takes guts in my opinion and makes him a very strong person and omega.

Sean is definitely a strong alpha but I believe that he has some misconceptions on what a real relationship should be. He makes a butt of myself several times but he has the smarts, heart, and love to realize when he has made a mistake and he either fixes it himself or he gets the advice from his friends and family that leads him in the direction that helps him. He is definitely a stubborn individual but he is smart enough to realize what he is about to lose, even if it does take him some time to get there.

I enjoyed this read so much and could not wait to see what was going to happen next. It is definitely a love story but it is also an action adventure with the warnings of abuse, talk of rape, and mistreatment of children, women, and men.

Cannot wait to read more by Lisa Oliver.



“Holy shit, he has a gun. Caden, for fuck’s sake don’t shoot!”

Sean heard Felix yell and he damn near pushed Liam off the fire escape, leaping up the last of the stairs. He could understand how Felix would want to talk quickly, especially if a gun was involved, but he had to see Caden for himself. As he stood on a rickety ledge he was momentarily stunned by the vision in front of him. A huge lit space littered with canvases spoke of hard work, dedication, passion for art and an apparent disregard for mess. And in front of it all stood Caden – locked, loaded and ready for bear.

The young man looked even better than Sean remembered. His slim, pale torso gleamed under the light, his unruly mop of straight blond hair falling just over the top of one eye. All Caden appeared to be wearing was a pair of jeans that hung low on his hips – a truly sexy picture. But it was the confident way Caden held the gun in his hands, and the unflinching glare in his eyes, that touched Sean’s heart. Felix had been right about one thing. Caden was determined to defend his home, and he looked more than capable of doing it. Damn, if that idea didn’t slam Sean in the groin and hang on.

“What are you doing here, Felix?” Caden’s voice held traces of nervousness that wouldn’t be noticed by human ears, but Sean noticed that the hands holding the gun didn’t waver.

“I was worried about you,” Felix called out, stepping closer to the glass, his hands spread to show he was unarmed.

“We all were. You wouldn’t answer your door; you weren’t taking my calls. I had to know you were all right. We’re friends, Caden, I thought you trusted me. Now please, let us in. This damn ledge is fucking unsafe and you know I’m scared of heights.”

Caden held his glare for a long minute, and Sean wasn’t sure the young man would ever move. But then he carefully raised his weapon, removed the magazine, which he tucked in his back pocket, and then walked over to rest the gun against the wall. Only then did he come towards the large panes of glass, releasing a latch, which Sean realized was actually a door latch. What he had mistaken for windows doubled as large sliding doors.

Once all three men were inside of what was a huge space, Caden seemed unsure of himself. “I know we’re friends,” he said to Felix hesitantly – scared, but apparently determined to defend his actions. “I’m not doing anything wrong.” His eyes seemed to catch Sean’s automatically and Sean was shocked to see they were full of fear again.

“I’m an adult. This is my place, my territory. I’m not intruding on anyone’s space. I have a right to be here.”

Sean realized in that instant that Caden’s immediate fear had a name – the Black Brothers – and damn, if that didn’t make him feel sick. He and Liam were full-blown Alpha wolves, and his little Omega must have thought that they had a pack, or at least a right to the territory he lived in. No wonder the poor guy had locked himself in and refused to talk to anyone. He was terrified of losing his home and possibly his life.

Felix looked confused. “No one said you didn’t have any right to be here. This is your home, bought and paid for. No one can take it away from you so long as you pay your taxes, and your trust does that for you.”

“Then why did you bring them?” Caden hadn’t stopped looking at Sean, but clearly Liam was included in the ‘them’ comment as well. “They know what I’m talking about. Why are they here, if not to beat me, torture me, rape me and then kick me out of my home? That’s what men like them do. What are they doing here?”


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