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3 Stars for Letters by Zachary Ryan #MM #LifeJourney


Title: Letters
Author Name: Zachary Ryan
Publication Date & Length: May 25, 2015 – 243 pgs


He moved from Maryland to Chicago to find himself. But Chase never expected to fall in love with someone who would change his life. A twentysomething lost in a haze of booze and tattoos, Chase had always questioned his sexuality—but in Brady he finally found someone he could truly care about.

After a passionate night of exploration, Chase begins to envision a relationship and a future with Brady—who can’t admit his true feelings to his girlfriend and family and would rather pretend it never happened.

While Brady struggles with his own identity, Chase must learn to accept that the man he loves may not be able to love him in return—a realization that sends him down a spiral of drinking, drugs, and self-destructive behavior. But when it comes to winning someone over, is enough ever truly enough?

As Letters twists and turns toward its inevitable conclusion, this complex modern love story explores issues of sexuality, self-acceptance, and coming-of-age through an intimate series of notes written by Chase to the man who would alter his life forever, for better or for worse.

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Everyone has those moments where they struggle with their life path. This series of letters shows a young man struggling with doing the right thing, for his heart and his soul, and it isn’t always easy. But, that’s what life is… messy and unpredictable.
The author takes us on a Journey with Chase through his struggles that everyone of us has experienced at some point, with work, finding friends and someone to love, and be loved back honestly. We don’t have all the answers. We live and we learn, from our accomplishments and from our mistakes. This was tame as far as any heat.
Reviewer: Kimberley


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