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4.5 Stars for Let the Wrong Light In by Avon Gale #MM #BDSM @Avongalewrites


Title: Let the Wrong Light In
Author Name & Publisher: Avon Gale (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: September 25, 2015 – 210 pgs


Avery Hextall, a junior architect at a prestigious firm, is thrilled when his design is chosen for a new performing-arts center—even if it means working closely with his insufferably uptight project manager, Malin Lacroix. When a chance encounter in the boss’s office proves that Lacroix is anything but cold, Avery is determined to learn more about the real man beneath the aloof veneer.

Despite their growing attraction and their increasingly kinky encounters, the enigmatic Malin remains as emotionally distant as ever. Worse, Avery’s friends are convinced Malin thinks of Avery as a dirty secret and nothing more—a secret that might destroy both of their careers.

But the real secret is a single moment in time that haunts Malin and keeps him from committing to the life he wants with Avery. In order to move on, Avery must help Malin come to terms with the tragedy in his past before they can work on building a future together.

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WOW, this book was amazing. I love BDSM books but have only read a couple of books that had the kink in that this one did. I usually don’t care for BDSM stories with major kink in them. Not sure why? But this book had hardcore kink and it also had emotion and romance and I just loved it.

I absolutely loved Avery. He was funny, obnoxious, and I couldn’t help but to laugh. It is hard to believe that a book this well written came from a very new author. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.



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