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4 stars for Lightning Strikes Twice by @ErikSchubach #FF #Romance

Lightning Strikes Twice - Cover

Title: Lightning Strikes Twice
Author Name: Erik Schubach
Publication Date & Length: Aug 18, 2014 — 198 pgs


Returning home to Seattle from a twenty year absence in London…

Victoria discovers that time has not erased her feelings for an unrequited love. It soon becomes obvious that with true love, lightning can sometimes strike twice.

This is set in the same world as Music of the Soul but is a standalone book.

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I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.

I really enjoyed this quick read. It was very heartfelt and I enjoyed the eccentricities of each character.  Despite the story being fairly short, the author was able to give a pretty well rounded background and was thoughtful in how each character was developed.

The friendship that was between Vicky, Mia and Vee was the type of friendship that survives, despite distance, time and tragedy. Even after 20 years, their bond of friendship was so strong that the characters were trying to come to terms with how they defined their friendship before and how to allow their feelings to evolve.

I think my favorite character was Missy. I would love to see a story about her. I also enjoyed the relationship that Vicky had with Abbey, her god daughter. It was nice to have a balance group of characters – family, friends and friends who have become family. I don’t really know if the “famous” characters really added to the story – I believe they would have been just as strong had they been “unknown” too.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story, even if it was somewhat predictable.



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I got my start writing romance novels by accident. I have always been drawn to strong female characters in books, like Honor Harrington. And I also believe that there is a lack of LGBT characters in media. So one day I came up with a story idea that combines the two… two days later I completed the manuscript for Music of the Soul.

My writing style may not be the most professional nor grammatically correct, but I never profess to be an English major, just a person that wants to share a story. I maintain that my primary language is sarcasm.

Each of my books features strong likeable female characters that are flawed. I think that flaws and emotional or physical scars make us human and give us more character than simply conforming to some “social norm”.

I have also started a SciFi series, The Valkyrie Chronicles which features a Valkyrie, Kara, who was left behind on Earth five thousand years ago to help the Asgard race escape the onslaught of the Ragnarok horde. With the aid of a human, Kate, she holds the line in battle to herald the return of the Asgard!

If you like magic, paranormal romance and witches, then my new series Fracture might tickle your fancy. In the first book Fracture: Divergence, Alex King must stop magic from destroying reality. The problem is that Alex must solve the case in parallel universes where in one Alex is male and female in the other.


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