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Pre-Release Review: 5 stars for Dian’s Ghost by Justine Saracen #FF #Thriller #environmental


Title: Dian’s Ghost
Author Name & Publisher: Justine Saracen (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: March 15, 2016 — 264 pages


Dana Norland shoots two men in cold blood and flees the US for the mountains of Rwanda. Posing as a biologist, she finds herself caring for gorillas with Kristen, Dian Fossey’s successor at the Karisoke research center. She has plenty of time to think about what she’s done, but can she find peace? Apparently not, for the mountain is haunted both by the ghost of Dian Fossey, and by the men who murdered her. Personal vendetta joins with genocide, and to flee the marauding butchers, the women hide in the rainforest. Among the mountain gorillas they once protected, they learn what justice is. And what it is not.

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I found this novel difficult to classify re genre as in all honesty I could not call it an f/f novel. This novel is one of the most special and hard hitting novels I have read in a long time. Ms Saracen, apart from being a brilliant author, has obviously researched her subject extensively.
The plight of not only the Gorilla’s but the rarely mentioned political turmoil that Rwanda was subjected too was told through a mixture of hard facts and history. Facts were clear and those character’s mentioned real the fiction was the loving relationship between Dana and Kristen. This relationship was so entwined with reality that one could not be separated from the other. The fiction allowed the story to be told for the benefit of readers like me whose only knowledge of Silver Backs was from watching the film of Dian Fossey.
This incredible book was a revelation. At times it brought me to tears, at others times it just brought the Silver Backs to life, at other times I was appalled at the way one human can treat another. This fascinating and astounding book is one that anyone who cares about animals, who cares about equality and who believes in morality cannot fail to be impressed by.
The impression this book  had on me will remain with me. Although it covered a very difficult and at times heart rending subject it was told in such a sympathetic and engaging way it was an enjoyable as well as an educational pleasure to read. I for one cannot recommend this book enough and I look forward to reading further book by this dynamic author.


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