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3.5 Star, 4.5 Star, and 5 Star Reviews for Fire and Snow (Carlisle Cops, #4) by Andrew Grey #MM #Romance @andrewgreybooks @dreamspinners


Title: Fire and Snow (Carlisle Cops, #4)
Author Name & Publisher: Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: May 20, 2016 – 200 pgs


Fisher Moreland has been cast out of his family because they can no longer deal with his issues. Fisher is bipolar and living day to day, trying to manage his condition, but he hasn’t always had much control over his life and has self-medicated with whatever he could find.

JD Burnside has been cut off from his family because of a scandal back home. He moved to Carlisle but brought his Southern charm and warmth along with him. When he sees Fisher on a park bench on a winter’s night, he invites Fisher to join him and his friends for a late-night meal.

At first Fisher doesn’t know what to make of JD, but he slowly comes out of his shell. And when Fisher’s job is threatened because of a fire, JD’s support and care is more than Fisher ever thought he could expect. But when people from Fisher’s past turn up in town at the center of a resurgent drug epidemic, Fisher knows they could very well sabotage his budding relationship with JD.

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ThreeandHalfStarsI have only read the book previous to this one, and I really enjoyed that story.  This one, I enjoyed this one enough, however, the story was just not as involved as I would have liked.

The dance that these two main characters do is slow, steady and methodical.  However, they didn’t really have great chemistry for me.

This story was more about finding yourself, being OK with yourself and learning to let go of past experiences.  Each character has his own trials to get over, to work through and Grey does a good job at getting the reader to see things from different perspectives.

So, despite my not really enjoying the romance aspect of this story, I think that it sheds great light on each main characters’ individual growth and how they find themselves in their relationship.

This was not my favorite Grey story, but it had a good message.

This was another really great book from Andrew Grey. It is clear that this author does his homework before writing a book. The characters were absolutely great and I really fell in love with Fisher. I couldn’t imagine having to live the type of life he had to live. I also loved JD and loved how Fisher was able to help him with his family. JD also help Fisher realize that he could be loved and to get over his fears of insecurity. They are dealing with many different issues that luckily they persevere over them. This is a really great story from a great series. This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone.
Another good book to add to an amazing series. This book is of course about a Carlisle cop but it is also about a young man who believes that because of a tramatic brain injury he recieved years earlier that he will never have anyone love him because of his disability.

Fischer struggles wveryday with the lows, highs, and trying to balance it all out with medicine from the brain injury from a car accident years earlier. This injury has caused bi polar disorder and Fischer wants nothing more then to try and lead a normal life.

Fischer feels like no one sees him and that he is invisible. I think that he has low confidence in himself to deal with life situations. I think that he is scared he is not going to be able to handle things and that is why he has the panic attacks. He needs to feel in control in order to have some handle on his disorder. I also think that he does not feel like he is good enough for anyone else.

J.D is a strong individual. He has crapoy things thrown his way and he has picked up and moved on and made a new life for himself. Once he meets Fischer he knows instantly that he is special. He also realizes that all Fischer needs is love and acceptance.

These two men give each other what they both need in a partner. Fischer needs someone to love him unconditionally and JD needs someone who will stand up for him. They both need each other. It is a rough road but they break through the other side in love and stronger than ever. It is not any easy ride this. They are thrown curve balls all along the way.

Really enjoyed this book and was a perfect addition to the series.



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