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TWO 4 and ONE 3 Stars for Rattrap (The Wyverns #3) by L.M. Somerton #M/M @LMSomerton


Title: Rattrap (The Wyverns #3)
Author Name & Publisher: L.M. Somerton (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: February 9th 2016- 65 pages


Teddy Austin has had more than his share of run-ins with local law enforcement. The Wyverns have a reputation to maintain, and Teddy feels it’s his duty to cause havoc whenever possible. Of course, getting arrested means time in the company of Sheriff Adrian Hayder—always a bonus—though Teddy would far prefer to have the sheriff wearing the cuffs.

When The Knights of War MC arrives in Phoenix, Trap orders The Wyverns to get inside information. In order to infiltrate the gang, Teddy must appear to betray his friends and switch his allegiance. Working undercover, however, he confirms what they have all suspected—The Knights of War are a cover for something much more sinister than a hell-raising bunch of bikers, and they fully intend to turn Phoenix into a battleground.

With Sheriff Hayder getting far too close to the truth, Teddy is left with a few problems—how to stop a war, keep his balls intact and ensure the man he loves keeps breathing.

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This was a short steamy read. Teddy was a biker who was always getting in trouble mostly to see the hot sheriff Adrian. Teddy goes undercover to find out what’s going on but he’s more worried about Adrian getting involved.  It was good story full of action, but Teddy and Adrian just didn’t seem to click for me.  There was plenty of hot sex but I didn’t feel the connection between the two. Maybe if their relationship was developed they would have made a great couple it just was to rushed.



Hmm, where to start with this story?  I didn’t read the previous books, but never really felt lost.  It was slightly confusing when it came to the rival gang, but that might have been because I didn’t know what the dynamic was, other than in this story.

Let’s just say that Adrian and Teddy make an explosive couple.  They are hot and cold, hot oil and chilly water colliding.  I love how Teddy takes charge of the in control Adrian.  Then, Adrian decides that despite his reservations, he needs to do his own sleuthing – putting him in some danger of the rival gang.  Both characters are caught between playing the part of their life that everyone knows and allowing someone in that might be outside their comfort zone.

Then you have Kit – whom I really like and hope he gets his own story.

What it all boils down to is getting the good guys to win.  This story wasn’t terribly in depth in terms of character development, but it had some action, steamy scenes and a connection between the two main characters that was believable.



This is a novella, so it didn’t take long to read even though it’s part of a series. I’m giving it a 3 though because there really wasn’t much to the story. We have Teddy, who is a MC bad boy, but also an undercover cop…? His love interest is the Sheriff, Adrian. These two are hot together, but they really didn’t spend enough time together to make them believable as a couple. Did they even end up as a couple? The ending was more HFN. maybe we’ll get another book of them.
The plot idea was interesting, with the Knights Of War being a racist group bent on mass murdering people, but it kinda fell flat for me. It’s a short book, but it should have been longer to make it more interesting. I liked Teddy, I liked Adrian…I just wish there was more of them together than apart.


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