Review Policy

We review LBGT books for this blog. Reviews are also posted on Amazon, and Goodreads by our reviewers.  We also send out the blog link on Twitter, Facebook, Google + & Pinterest.

We will be more than happy to post reviews to anywhere that you request, participate in blog tours, host a guest post or help promote the book via giveaways or other means.

If you have specific requests please contact us.


We prefer Mobi/PRC or PDF or Paperback versions of books.


We will do our best to read and review accepted books in a timely fashion, however, if you have a specific date you would like it reviewed by please let me know and I will do my best to review it on time.

We request 2-3 Months to review books once accepted. We will do our best to review all the books submitted but if none of the reviewers desire to read it, we will let you know that we are unable to review after 6-8 weeks.

We rate on a 5 Star system. Any books that rate under 3 stars we will email to the author to know before posting them on our site. If the author prefers that we don’t share, they can ask us not to.

***NOTE*** all reviews posted on are copyrighted to us. As the author you are allowed to share the reviews, but please give us the credit for them. Our reviewers work hard, and we like to give them credit where credit is due.

4 Responses to Review Policy

  1. Diane Wallace

    i’m very interested joining your website and becoming a book reader and reviewer of F/F and Y/A when possible..please let me know the how to in registering..Thank You

    Yours Truly

    • inkedrainbowreviews

      We are not currently accepting new reviewers. We may in a few months. We put up a Reviewers Needed Tab at the top of the page when we are! Thank you for your interest!

  2. Curt H

    Hi – a question. One of your reviewers stated in her review of my m/m romance that she “skipped sections” of the book. Shouldn’t your reviewers read the entire book before judging?

    • inkedrainbowreviews

      She didn’t “skip sections,” she “skimmed” them. There is a difference. She read them quickly, not taking them in fully because she felt they were unnecessary, not flipping past them completely without reading them at all.

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