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  1. Hello. My name is Albert Nothlit, and I would like to submit the book ‘The Monolith’ for review. it was recently published by M L R Press. Please find below all the required information. Thank you!

    Book Title – The Monolith
    Author Name – Albert Nothlit
    Genre (Include whether M/M or F/F or other) – M/M friendship
    Is it Part of a Series (if so, is the rest of the series available to review?) No
    Length of book (Pages – If you don’t know, give your best guess) 70 pages
    Book Synopsis
    A surgeon’s hands are his livelihood, but what if they are rendered useless by pain?

    It started with gentle tremors and slight exhaustion after a long day in the OR. Mark ignored the signs, and now overuse and repetitive stress have rendered his hands practically useless. It hurts even to brush his teeth.

    For Mark, it seems his career is over just a couple years after it began. He sinks deeper into depression with each day, and he doesn’t have high hopes for the weeklong stay in the physiotherapy clinic his mother has arranged for him. His therapist, Corey, is young and handsome, but Mark isn’t looking for a boyfriend. He’s looking for a friend.

    Is the book available now – Yes
    Date you’d like review done – as soon as it can be done 🙂
    Publication Date – July 2015
    Email –
    Website –
    Twitter – @albertnothlit
    Facebook Page –

    • inkedrainbowreviews

      Thank you for you interest in our site. Please email us all the information in your comment and we’ll be able to get it out to reviewers then. Thanks.

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