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Title: Release Me
Author Name & Publisher: Faith Gibson (Bramblerose Press)
Publication Date & Length: April 30, 2016 — 253 Pages


Fifteen Years…

For fifteen years, Cade Anderson, drummer for the world-famous rock band 7’s Mistress, has been in love with his best friend, the band’s lead singer. Even though it’s been years since they were lovers, Cade still wants the man. When his best friend falls in love with someone else, life as Cade knows it is over. The band breaks up and Cade has to figure out how to move on.

Ten Years…

For ten years, Mal Wilson has hidden who he really is from the small-minded people of Arlo, Kentucky. The family farm is dwindling down to nothing, and the bar he owns is draining him dry. When it looks like he’s going to lose both, Mal has to figure out where to go from here.

Three Months…

For three months, Cade has been drinking and f*cking his way across the country, trying to forget about his former friend and lover. When he finds himself at a redneck joint in the middle of nowhere, he is drawn to the handsome roughneck tending bar. Something in the man stirs Cade for the first time in years.

One Night…

When Mal ends up in a hotel room with the handsome blond man who sat in his bar for hours, the man asks for one night together. When Mal wakes up, he knows that one night will never be enough, but it has to be.

Two men…

One musician, rich and famous, out and proud of his sexuality. One cowboy, poor as the dirt under his boots, hiding who he is from the world. It’ll never work. Or will it?

Release Me is a love story between a hard rockin’ drummer and a hard workin’ cowboy.

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This book was absolutely amazing, but it’s not surprising that I enjoy this as I thoroughly enjoyed Deliver Me (book 1). In this book we have Cade (who was heartbroken) and we meet Mal. Meeting Mal changed things for both characters. I love all of the characters in this book; they were as amazing as book one. They scenes were also amazing. It is clear to me that Faith Gibson has a gift to not only come up with an amazing story but to write it in a way that you just can’t put the book down. This book had it all from love, humor, and even fear. As you read this story I believe that when you have completed it you will be just like me wishing it could go on forever. All though this could technically be read as a standalone I would highly recommended reading book one first. You will not be disappointed.



Wow what a read. This book was full of so many different emotions that I did not know what emoji was coming next.

Cade is drummer for a band that had been together for 15 years but the band broke up and Cade was left trying to figure out where to go in life and how to get over losing who he thought was the love of his life and best friend Tag to another man. One night he found himself in a run down bar in a small Kentucky town. That is where he met the bartender and owner Mal. Meeting Mal changed both of their lives from the moment they both met and nothing would ever be the same.

Cade in my opinion is a man that is lost and trying to figure out who is and what his purpose is. Once he meets Mal he starts reevaluating his life and starts to realize the type of man he wants to be. He no longer wants to be the man raising hell and going to jail. He wants to be the man that is there for the man he loves and he wants to be a rock for those around him. Yes he has money but he does not want that to be the reason someone wants to be with him. He wants to find someone to love him for what is on the inside not how much money has.

Mal in my opinion is a man that is scared of his own shadow in some ways. After the abuse he felt at his fathers hands and almost dying because of it, he is scared to be open with the people around him about being gay. Well with the exception of his mother. He is content to spend his life alone because of that fair even though that is not what he truly wants. He also looks at himself as a failure because he could not protect himself or his mother against his father and because he is not able to get out from under the bills that are swallowing them whole and taking what little is left of their farm and the bar he owns. Mal does not have a high opinion of himself and therefore he pushes people away for it including Cade. He loves Cade so much but believes he has nothing to offer him so he lets his own insecurities cost him the man he loves when he realizes that Cade own the company that bought his farm so he would not lose it.

This is a story about one man that feels like he has lost everything from the love of his best friend and the band that he loved so much to another man who does not believe in himself self enough from losing the best thing that has happened to him. It is about two men having to decide if they are better and stronger together or if they are two different and let each other go.

Faith Gibson did an amazing job with bringing so many emotions to the table in this book and Faith did it in a way that makes it impossible for the reader to feel what the characters are feeling. Loved this book and look forward to reading more books in this series.



If you haven’t read Deliver Me, I highly recommend it, you will get the back story on Cade and it was an amazing book! After Deliver Me I wanted Cade to get his happily ever after and it was so worth it. You could feel the connection with Cade and Mal instantly. That one night in the hotel was so flipping hot! You knew they couldn’t do just one night, you were begging for them to keep going it was that great! I loved how Cade instantly wanted to help Mal and his mom after only one meeting, which tells you what a great guy he really is. The buildup of the relationship was really good and I just couldn’t put the book down, I didn’t want it to end. I really hope there is another book in this series, each one is so good I want more!



Release Me is about drummer Cade Anderson and small town, trapped in the closet farm boy, Mal Wilson. Cade’s famous band disbands, leaving him heartbroken and lost cause he’s in love with his best friend, who happens to be in a happy relationship that Cade tried to ruin at some point. I’m gonna assume that there’s a book 1 to this and I haven’t read it yet. 3 months of partying and wandering, he meets Mal and finds himself instantly attracted…to the point that he’s willing to go above and beyond to help Mal save his failing farm in the span of like 24 hours.
I wish I can give this more stars, but since I have to be honest…I didn’t connect well with either characters, Not sure why, some might be due to the writing. Cade and Mal weren’t together half the time and when they were, they never had much of an alone time. Cade said that Mal wasn’t a rebound, but it felt like it.
Cade was really sweet though and very caring towards Mal and his mother. He did a big turn around from party boy to night in shining armor. Mal should have been more grateful and less prejudice that Cade came from money. Mal really annoyed me with that. Since I have a romantic heart and have a soft spot for bad boys redeeming themselves, I finished the book. I liked Cade better at the end, but Mal still annoyed me. >_<



Cowboy with lasso silhouette at small-town rodeo. Note: added grain.


The Neurotic Prophets were finishing up their encore, and it was almost time for Cade to take his seat. Never had he been more nervous playing a show than he was tonight. Mal had heard him play guitar and piano and knew how he sounded when he sang. But this was Cade in his element. Cade baring his soul to the world. Mal would probably never see this again, and Cade wanted it to be perfect.

Finally, the sets were swapped out, and it was time. Cade inserted his ear monitors and adjusted the box on the back of his jeans. The guys huddled as they did before every show and wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders. No words were said; they allowed their combined adrenaline to seep into the person next to him. Reed released his arms first as always, and Cade walked over and took his place behind his massive drum kit. Mal was somewhere in the crowd. Since the floor was standing room general admission, he could be anywhere. Or nowhere. Cade cleared his mind of Mal, and set up the beat for the first song as the others made their way to the stage.

Time crawled, yet at the same time, it flew by. As the band stood on stage after their encore, Cade tossed sticks into the crowd. He didn’t try to find Mal or Bryan in the sea of bodies clambering for a souvenir. He waved at no one in particular and headed to the side of the stage. The men walked to their dressing rooms together with their body guards. Too many crazy fans were able to slip by unnoticed no matter how good security was. Before Cade stepped into the room Carl had secured for him to use privately, he told Reed, “You’re probably not going to see me at the after party.”

“No problem. We’ve all had those nights,” he responded and cupped Cade behind his head. “You do what you have to do.”

Carl opened the door for Cade, and he was immediately accosted by an excited Bryan. “Man, what a fucking show! You were phenomenal. And your drum solo? Oh my god! How do you play for that long without needing a break? Seriously, that was the shit!”

Cade couldn’t help but grin at his friend’s excitement. He considered both Bryan and Andy friends. They had kept in contact these last few weeks even if they wouldn’t elaborate on Mal’s well-being too much. Cade grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat from his forehead and neck. “Practice, my man. Lots of practice and gym time. How are you?” Cade asked. He turned toward the sofa in search of the cooler he kept full of Gatorade for after the show. Mal was leaning against the far wall, his arms crossed over his chest.

Cade couldn’t move. Mal was even more handsome than he remembered. Seems like he wasn’t the only one who took extra care with his looks for this moment. Mal’s normally smooth face was scruffy, like he intentionally forgot to shave for a couple of days. His dark hair was cropped close on the sides but longer than it had been on top. His jeans gripped those slim hips snugly, and his Divining the Dark t-shirt stretched taut over his chest and biceps. Cade was pretty sure he was drooling. Mal was picture perfect and would put any cover model to shame. If he’d really wanted to be tormented, Cade would’ve asked him to turn around so he could get a good look at his ass. There was something about his cowboy in a pair of Wranglers.

When he raised his eyes to Mal’s face, the blue orbs staring back at him took him by surprise. This wasn’t a man who looked like he was going to break things off. Mal looked like he was ready to drop to his knees and blow Cade. He looked around to make sure Roarke was nowhere near, and it was then he noticed Bryan and Carl had left the room.

Mal found his voice first and said, “Hi.”

That one word just about knocked Cade to his knees. It was music to his soul. His soul that was soon to be crushed.

“Hi,” he croaked. Cade cleared his throat and tried again. “Hi, Mal. You look good.”

Mal pushed off the wall, and before Cade knew what was happening, Mal had his neck in a vice grip and was crashing their mouths together. Surprise had Cade gasping, and Mal took advantage of the opening to slide his tongue home. Home.


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Faith Gibson lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with the love of her life, and her two-legged best friends. She began writing in high school and over the years, penned many stories and poems. When her dreams continued to get crazier than the one before, she decided to keep a dream journal. Many of these night-time escapades have led to a line, a chapter, and even a complete story.

When asked what her purpose in life is, she will say to entertain the masses. Even if it’s one person at a time.  When Faith isn’t hard at work on her next story, she can be found playing trivia while enjoying craft beer, reading, or riding her Harley.


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