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Title: 24/7
Author Name & Publisher: Yolanda Wallace (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: March 15, 2016 — 240 pages


Finn Chamberlain is a travel writer with more passport stamps than friends. Her career keeps her constantly on the go, leaving her precious little time for relationships. And that’s just the way she likes it—until a charged encounter with a beautiful stranger causes her to call her unsettled life into question.

Luisa Moreno is an officer with the Mexican Federal Police. Her chance meeting with Finn Chamberlain was supposed to be a one-time thing, but it leaves her wanting more. When Finn’s life is threatened, it’s up to Luisa to save her. Will Luisa’s rescue attempt be successful, or will she lose much more than her heart in the process?

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Finn is a travel writer on her way to Cancun to write a story on an all-lesbian holiday tour when she meets Luisa at the airport bar. Luisa is a federale, a Mexican cop, and about to start a new job in Mexico City. They are immediately attracted to each other and end up spending the afternoon in a hotel room really getting to know each other! Once they reach their separate destinations they keep in touch by phone and find out they are both caught up in a war between the drug cartels and the federales.
I enjoyed the deepening of their fledgling relationship by phone and how they both knew they had met ‘the one’. Luisa is investigating her predecessor’s murder and doesn’t know who to trust. Finn meanwhile is getting to know the ladies on her tour and really begins to loosen up and enjoy herself. I loved how the author linked these two stories skilfully together and really upped the tension as the book went on. Both the love story and the case against the narcos were treated equally and this was a great strength. I felt Mexico was very well described and I could imagine exactly where Finn and Luisa were. The contrast between the rich tourist areas and the extreme poverty of the ordinary people was vivid and the fear of the populace regarding the cartels was evident. I also loved the ladies on the tour. They were such a varied bunch and well crafted.
The last quarter of the book was hell-for -leather, with the excitement cranked up and revelations galore. A really great story, with a couple of very interesting lead characters. I hope they come back in a sequel.
~Kitty Kat

An exciting, original and explosive read. This book has you hooked and enthralled from the first to the last page.  The two leading characters are both strong charismatic women each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The plot is spell binding and so unpredictable. The speed and drama which both women encounter keeps you both engrossed and totally captivated.
As the novel goes at breakneck speed towards the conclusion I found myself totally transfixed, then just as you think the turmoil is over you are hit with yet another cliff hanger.
Along with the exhilaration of the chase and the unfolding mystery is a beautiful and gentle love story tenderly and believable unfolding. This gives such extra depth and emotion to an already incredible book.
I can thoroughly recommend this well written powerful and sensational novel. Ms Wallace says she is not a professional writer, after reading this creative and imaginative book I would certainly beg to differ!!! I hope she produces many more books of this ilk.


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Yolanda Wallace is not a professional writer, but she plays one in her spare time. She has writ­ten seven nov­els, and her short stories have appeared in multiple anthologies. She and her partner live in beautiful coastal Georgia, where they are parents to four children of the four-legged variety — a boxer and three cats.

Yolanda Wallace also writes under the pen name Mason Dixon.


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