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Title: At the Edges
Author Name & Publisher: Alden Lila Reedy (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 23, 2016


Joan and her starship crew are in the business of slaves—specifically, rescuing as many as possible from the oppressive Empire. After dropping off their latest passengers and resupplying, Joan and her second-in-command, Luana, decide to ferry out citizens looking to escape imperial clutches. It means they risk taking on spies, but when the first meeting goes well, they decide to chance it.

But a trip that starts well soon turns sour, between problems with the ship, passengers asking uncomfortable questions, and a confession from Luana that Joan fears will only end in disappointment and destroy the friendship they’ve already built.

And before they have a chance to sort their problems out, the whole journey abruptly goes from bad to worse….

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This was a good read and kept me entertained through out. I particularly liked the way each characters background and life was explained as they became part of the bigger plot. This type of introduction was novel and worked really well and gave this book a unique feel.
Another great aspect of the book was the different genres and life styles of each of the characters. The author portrayed the crew as a tight, successful and caring group. In comparison the Federation was stereotypical and one dimensional and showed how inferior they were compared to Captain Joan’s crew. I appreciated this comparison with life as it is emulated in todays society, when compared both ethically and through sexuality inequalities.
My only disappointment was in the length of the novel, I would have loved to have had more in depth adventures and I hope this might be facilitated by this talented author in a sequel.
ThreeStarJoan and Luana help slaves escape from the Empire, along with a collection of aliens of various types and genders. We find out about each character at various points of the story and when we do it makes it a bit more intelligible. I really found it hard to follow at first as I could not imagine what the characters were meant to be. Joan and Luana are great friends but when Luana confesses she loves Joan it becomes very awkward as Joan is asexual. When Luana is kidnapped we see that Joan is distraught and the whole crew put everything into getting her back. This is where the story really takes off and I enjoyed the last part of it. It got very exciting and interesting.
A decent enough read but a bit more description and explanation at the start would really have helped.
~Kitty Kat


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Alden Lila Reed is currently studying cognitive science and Japanese, which has lead to both a semester abroad in rural Japan and a project to unleash a new form of digital life upon the world. Alden likes to record nir life in various fantasy worlds for others to see and write poetry about neurons and space.

When not studying, writing, or coding, Alden likes to take walks in the woods, play video games, and work on costumes, all fueled by copious quantities of tea. Ne hails from northern Delaware and will be rather surprised if you know where that is.


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