PRE-RELEASE REVIEW! 4 Stars for He/She Smells a Hoo-Hoo by Jack Bunbury #gay #humor


Title: He/She Smells a Hoo-Hoo
Author Name & Publisher: Jack Bunbury (MacDonald Warne Media)
Publication Date & Length: September 7, 2016 – 48 Pages


While lounging in her pool, He/She the Elegant suddenly finds herself assaulted by a vicious smell, wafting over the walls of her bungalow chateau. Unable to bear the rancid reek contaminating her afternoon, she bundles up her two snide pekepoos and ventures out into the city on a mission to find the source of the smell. What follows is an epic quest – in a bustier, heels and a bombshell bouffant – where our girl bravely faces the deadly sins of Wrath, Lust, Gluttony and worst of all, Broken Nails.

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He/She is the heroine of a poem, the rhyming kind, that I spent a delightful evening reading. He/She is funny and charming. The words are, too. Great one-liners and expectations come together to entertain. And her little dogs, too.
He/She smells a bad smell and goes on an epic quest to find the origin, striding across town in high heels. He/She encounters foes and friends. At every turn there is ridiculous, and just enough plot to keep going, and just enough pay-off to be totally satisfied when the adventure concludes.
This poem is a short read, which shows that size doesn’t matter.
C. E. Case

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