Pre Release Review: 3 Stars for The Open Window by Eve Francis #FF #Ace

CoverTitle: The Open Window
Author Name & Publisher: Eve Francis (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: August 17, 2016


When Morgan O’Brian’s mother dies, she leaves an inheritance which finally allows for Morgan to pursue her comic career full time. As she prepares a proposal for one of her largest projects yet, she runs into her cute downstairs neighbor, and believes that her luck is about to get even better.

Valentina Lyall, who also goes by Velouria in her electro-punk band The Asexual Kinks, is almost thirty and often feels as if she’s making up for lost time. After leaving a long term relationship and a difficult family behind, Val believes she is finally on the right path in life–especially if Morgan’s and her band are beside her.

Falling in love is easy and simple for Val and Morgan–until a stranger from Val’s past emerges and both of their careers begin to change and grow. As Morgan tries to predict the future, Val worries she’ll be left behind.

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Morgan, an artist lives a quiet life in her small apartment and is quite happy with that until she meets her neighbour, rock chick, Val. They get to know each other and slowly make a connection. This quite ponderous, meandering novel deals with their relationship and how they grow to depend on each other and build a life together.  There a lots of music references that the reader might pick up on but if you are not into that punk- type genre it can go over the head a bit.  The love scenes start off in the cyber realm but once they become real it’s a pretty hot book. It’s well written just a wee bit slow for me and the subject matter didn’t grip me really. Nevertheless I’m sure it will appeal to a lot of people with an interest in the music scene for up and coming bands.
Kitty Kat


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Eve Francis’s short stories have appeared in Wilde Magazine, The Fieldstone Review, Iris New Fiction, MicroHorror, and The Human Echoes Podcast. Romance and horror are her favourite genres to write in because everyone has felt love or fear in some form or another. She lives in Canada, where she often sleeps late, spends too much time online, and repeatedly watches old horror movies and Orange Is The New Black.

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