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Title: Love On Life Support
Author Name & Publisher: John Charles (Manifest Vision Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: November 3, 2015 – 113 pgs


Matthew Kailen, a respected paramedic, has two rules:
1. I don’t date guys from work.
2. I don’t do relationships.

The son of a homophobic father, Matthew learned to stay deeply entrenched in the closet for his own protection. He remained under his father’s radar until his sister Meredith and her husband were killed by a drunk driver. When Matthew became the guardian of their two young children, his life got complicated.

Trent Paleck completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Lake Community Hospital outside of L.A. Despite the abundance of hot surfers and muscle studs, he longed to get back to the east coast. When a position for an Emergency Room doctor became available at Amity Hospital, in Trent’s home town, he jumped at the opportunity to move home.

Trent never expected to find what he did, when he found himself working alongside Matthew. A reluctant attraction quickly blossoms into something deeper. Can Matthew find in Trent the one thing that will cause him to break his own rules? Is Trent ready to trade in California surfers for the father of two young children? Both men are faced with what appears to be insurmountable challenges when Matthew’s father takes actions to prevent Trent from having the man he wants and Matthew the children he loves. Can they climb over the hurdles to find the love they desire?

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Triggers:  Homophobia, death

Matthew is an EMT who is just trying to make it through life without too much trouble.  He came from a family who did not have the best role models.  Then, he has to come to grips with the fact that even though he has worked incredibly hard to never mix business with pleasure, he finds himself lusting after his old high school mate, who also happens to be the new ER doctor.

Trent is new to town, but only because he left for college.  When he sees Matthew again, he is immediately attracted to his old high school classmate.  He remembers Matthew is straight and tries to tamp down those urges.  When he learns that Matthew is not straight – his days are looking up.

I really liked how their relationship developed.  Trent, through patience and love allowed Matthew to come around to the notion that he could develop a relationship.

This would not be a complete story without some drama and boy this has it in spades.  What I liked most about the issues in this book were that they were not really centered between the two main characters.  Outside forces were the main issue and I think it helped to create a strong, bonded couple.



This was a short sweet love story between two guys who unbeknown to them liked each other when they were in high school. Trent and Matthew work together, which is a big no-no when dating but the attraction is instant. Matthew has had a rough past and has things in his life that Trent doesn’t know about. I liked how this relationship built up, it wasn’t too fast but it also wasn’t painfully slow. The chemistry was sizzling and the story just worked all around.



This was my first book by this author and it was really good.  There were twists and turns to the story and to me that makes a really good book. I loved both Matthew and Trent from the beginning and absolutely adore the children. When Matt’s father came into the story (almost from the beginning) I just wanted to jump into the pages of the book and throttle him. It made me extremely happy that Trent and Matt were able to build a relationship despite Matt’s father doing everything he could to take the children away from Matt. Excellent job!!



I really enjoyed both of the main characters in this book and loved seeing glimpses of the various patients the men were working on.

The story is sweet and I really believed in the connection between Trent and Matthew. I love the way Trent slowed down and allowed Matthew time to adjust to the idea of a relationship and I love the way Matthew’s kids encouraged the relationship.

The storyline with Matthew’s father felt overblown. I hate the cliche m/m plot device where a bullet wound brings everyone together for the HEA and this story uses the very tired formula with limited effect. Matthew’s relationship with his parents is far too simplistic to be believable and his father becomes more of a comic book villain than a human being by the end.

I found the prose very choppy and at times I wanted a red pen. Frequent simple spelling mistakes (your instead of you’re, hold up instead of holed up, rath instead of wrath) were distracting while punctuation errors altered meaning in places. A thorough edit would help the author show, not tell his story and add a layer of emotional resonance to the story.

The stars are for the connection between the main characters and some entertaining moments where we see the men at work. I would love to see this story fully developed and edited properly as the premise has great possibility.



Matthew has had a hard life with having a father who was homophobic and losing his sister and her husband to a drunk driver. He then becomes guardian to their two young children.
Trent is a doctor who moves back home as soon as he gets the chance to and works in Amity Hospital which is where he meets Matthew and their is a instant attraction. But Matthew is not going to give in that easy…

Well while I really like the authors pretense of this story I have to be honest and say this story really dragged for me and I really had a hard time finishing it. I am not really sure why but these characters and this story did not really grab me at all.

So while I did like the authors pretense of this story sadly this book was just not for me…



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As a youngster, I not only had trouble reading, I couldn’t string two sentences together. Now I read constantly and find myself enjoying writing more than anything I’ve ever done in my life.

I try to average between 2,000 and 3,000 words per day, which seems to be acceptable to my inner me.

My goal is to create at least four novels per year and possibly two or three short stories.

Developing an idea into a novel is extremely pleasing. Watching two men work through and eventually finding a solution to a mystery is, unto itself, rewarding. Add romance to that mix and the story takes on an entirely different direction.


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