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CoverTitle: Salvation
Author Name & Publisher: I. Beacham (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: April 12, 2016 – 264 pgs


When you fall in love, if it’s real, it’s forever. But what happens if the woman who gave your life meaning now hates you, for all the wrong reasons? Do you walk away? Claire chooses to stay, knowing her partner will never love her again. Her happiness has been stolen, and her future seems unclear.

That is until Regan arrives.

Regan is an angry woman running from problems. Faced with challenges, she moves to Devon to sort out her dead brother’s estate. From the moment she meets Claire, they seem destined to clash. As they do, secrets begin to unravel that test them both but which offer the chance for love.

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This was a beautifully told story of a love that got off on entirely the wrong foot but just had to be.  Claire is a gardener for a big old house that has been converted into flats.  She has been friends with Simon, a man living with enormous debts and as a result mental illness.  When he kills himself his sister Regan comes to sort out his funeral and his affairs.  The first meeting of the two women does not bode well for a future relationship but over time they get to know each other and a mutual attraction is forged.  Both are highly emotional – Regan due to her brother’s death – and Claire because she is pining for her lost love and reminders are there daily in front of her.  A series of misunderstandings and some malicious gossip keeps them apart but love wins out and when they get together it is beautifully romantic and sexually charged.  They are so much in love and they just had to be together.  The book had so much depth and dealt with very difficult issues such as the effect of suicide on those left behind and how partners cope when a loved one becomes ill.  There were no easy solutions but with love and perseverance the women found happiness with each other.  A lovely read.

Kitty Kat


This is quite a bittersweet romance. There is much angst and emotional turmoil before peace, harmony and acceptance can be achieved. Recriminations, self doubt and censure play a big part in this novel.
The author cleverly sprinkles humour into this quite intense novel and this lifts the spirits of the two main characters and brings light relief to the reader.
Ms Beacham handles a very difficult and poignant medical condition with great empathy and compassion.
This is a well written novel and I was pleased that the conclusion brought happiness and a sense of closure and optimism for a lasting and satisfying future for the two  brilliantly conceived and believable characters.


In this novel we meet Regan and Claire, who after a rocky start become friends. Both women are on different emotional roller coasters, one due to a recently deceased brother and the other due to a significant other that doesn’t even recognize her. After yet another misunderstanding, and a few false assumptions, the women that were drawing ever closer are now at odds with one another. When the time comes, will they set things right?

I enjoyed getting to know both women and watching them both rise from the ashes that their lives had become. Claire’s love for Rosie was beautiful and I could not imagine going through something similar; she is so strong. Regan was so bitter and angry at her brother over him leaving her without saying anything; however, I’m glad that she was able to learn more about her brother and get the closure she needed. The characters’ emotions were captured well and clear for the reader to pick up on.

I wasn’t a fan of the major conflict; Regan handled things poorly and I don’t know that I would have been able to forgive a person that said those terrible things to me. I think Regan blew things way out of proportion and I found myself almost hoping that Claire wouldn’t take her back. I also wasn’t a fan of how their first time together started; I’m not sure exactly why, but it just didn’t sound genuine.

Having said that, it was a nice story about growing emotionally, making mistakes, and living one’s life.

I received an unedited copy of this book and my review assumes that the errors will be corrected prior to publication.



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I. Beacham grew up in the heart of England, a green and pleasant land, mainly because it rains so much. This is probably why she ran away to sea, to search for dry places. Over the years, and during long periods away from home constantly travelling to far away places, she has balanced the rigidity of her professional life with her need and love to write. Blessed with a wicked sense of humor (not all agree), she is a lover of all things water, a dreadful jogger and cook, a hopeless romantic who roams antique stores, an addict of old black and white movies, and an adorer of science fiction. In her opinion, a perfect life. She is recently retired from the Royal Navy and went back to her hobby of writing.

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