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Title: Necromantia
Author Name & Publisher: Sheri Lewis Wohl (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: April 12, 2016 — 264 Pages


When seeing dead people is more than a movie tagline.

Circe Latham’s secret has always set her apart from everyone, but
these days she uses it to bring home those whose lives are stolen too
soon. Alongside her search dog, Zelda, she is able to make a
difference, and the chance to work a case with Deputy Sheriff Diana
Erni is an exciting challenge. Until the case takes a deadly turn and
her own life hangs in the balance. In order to save herself, Circe
must do the one thing she swore never to do again: share her secret.
Will her trust in Diana be strong enough to save her life or will she
too fall victim to a killer?

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There were several things I liked about this book. Wohl really got me with the suspense, right from the beginning. The first time the doorbell rang and she cut to someone else, I was sure the killer was coming for Circe. Obviously not, but the fact that Wohl made me think that so early in the book was indicative of the suspense she wove throughout the book. And she also got me with some of the twists she threw in about the killer. She had me wondering for quite some time, although I did have an inkling before the big reveal. I really loved Zelda, and the team she and Circe made. I even loved the paranormal aspects that were included. We obviously know about Circe’s ability, but there’s a hint that Diana has some abilities as well, and I wonder if that’s why the two of them connect so deeply so quickly. This brings me to a couple of things I didn’t like as much. I don’t like how quickly the two relationships moved, not only Circe and Diane, but also Paul and Lisa. I believe that type of instant connection can happen, but I’m not convinced that it would be moved on so fast. It almost seems like it was rushed simply to move the plot along. The other thing I didn’t care for as much is that Circe’s ability seemed a bit passive. Intrusive, yes. But passive, in that there wasn’t much she could do to help either the dead spirits she was seeing, nor the investigation into what happened, other than finding their bodies. I would have liked to see that be more interactive, so to speak.

All in all, this was a good read, with some interesting twists, and I really enjoyed it.



This was a really good paranormal mystery with some really touching romance thrown in. Circe sees dead people but has kept it a secret from everyone but her best friend for fear of being committed. She works as a Body Recovery specialist along with her K9 partner but she is always the one to discover the site of burials first. The dead come to her and tell her where they are. When she finds three bodies on one site a case is opened up that will have enormous consequences for her and for the people around her. Diana and Paul are the cops assigned to the case and their personal lives become entangled with the case too.
I thought the serial killer mystery was well thought out and very surprising. The tension gets more and more intense as the story develops until it reaches an amazing climax. It was extremely exciting and kept me hooked. Circe’s special talent is vital to the solving of the case but the involvement of Diana and Paul made it much more interesting. The developing relationship between Circe and Diana was wonderfully done, with so much passion and love. Their connection was special and very sexually charged. Paul’s story was brilliant too and his character was sympathetic and kind but also tortured. I enjoyed that the story had many facets that all came together.
Kitty Kat
This is one of the most exciting, sensational and thrilling book I have read in a long time. From the stirring opening scenes to the dramatic and exhilarating conclusion this novel keeps the reader completely engrossed.
The complex plot is completely fascinating and quite unique. The character’s are well written and totally believable, even Circe with her intriguing power. This impressive storyline was enriched by the inclusion of the K9 Search and Rescue team and the enlightening explanation of its workings. This team working in conjunction with the police added to the realism and veracity of this scintillating novel.
Ms Wohl not only brings her characters, both good and evil to life, but her enriching narrative makes the entire book appear vividly and distinctly before and into the readers mind and imagination.
After reading this book I will certainly be looking for more of this outstanding authors works.


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A reader since I could pick up a book, my goal in grade school was to read every book in the library. I didn’t quite make it through every book, but I came darn close, and thus my love of literature was born. I started writing in high school and have continued through today. I didn’t follow my muse to college, at least not at first. Instead, I floundered around and managed to complete a degree with concentrations in Psychology, Communications and Women’s Studies at Eastern Washington University. But, the pull of the written word wasn’t done with me yet, and I went back to school to complete a Masters in Humanities through California State University. With a thesis on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s vampire tale “Carmilla”, it was a gothic writer’s dream come true.
Today, I’m still writing and reading a ton of books. With the advent of electronic publishing I can carry any number of books in my Kindle. I’m never without a touch of fiction. I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, the Transylvanian Society of Dracula, Team Blaze (a local triathlon group), and a local K9 search & rescue team.


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