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CoverTitle: Stay with me (The PI Guys #1)
Author Name & Publisher: S.E. Harmon (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: April 28, 2014 – 290 pgs


Private investigator Mackenzie Williams’s newest client is everything he’s looking for in a guy—charming, beautiful, intelligent, and successful. There’s only one itty bitty problem—the guy’s not exactly gay. In fact, Jordan Channing is looking for a PI to follow his fiancée. The smart thing would be to thank Jordan for his time, turn Mr. Perfect away (don’t let the door hit you on the rump, thank you very much), and forget he exists.

Of course, Mackenzie has never been accused of doing the smart thing. Being smart aleck is more his MO. Relationships aren’t up his alley, never have been. So why’s he so inexplicably drawn to his new client?

Jordan has always been the high achiever, a man who lives in a focused, controlled, and carefully constructed manner. But for the first time in his life, he has to admit the impossible—another man is getting his engine running on all cylinders. Despite Jordan’s denial, it’s not long before he can no longer resist the strong undercurrents pulling them together. Now Jordan must decide if he can go against everything he’s ever known to have the only love he’s ever wanted.

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Such a great book. Stay with me by SE Harmon is about Mac and Jordan.

Jordan is a straight man who ends up hiring Mac who is a PI to investigate his fiancée and see if she is cheating. But from the get go Mac and Jordan’s attraction to one another is too strong to ignore.

The more time that the two men spend together the harder it is for them to deny that they have feelings for one another.

It was wonderful being able to picture it from the beginning when they was fighting their attraction to each other to being able to picture the two of them giving in and exploring the chemistry they have with each other.

Macs emotional problems was so realistic. He has a problem with not trusting anyone to stay for the long haul so he pushes people away when they get too close to him. His mom destroyed their family when he was young and he has carried that fear and pain with him through the years and applies it to his relationships. It was hard to see how that past pain unfolded and how he had to over come it.

I found myself being completely amazed with Jordan and how it was was easier then I figured it would be to embrace his new sexuality. He did it with grace and dignity and that made me love him that much more.

I found that this was not a hard book to fall in love with the characters. Mac is this out going man that makes jokes at every turn. I found myself laughing out loud at him several times throughout the book as if he was standing in front of me.

I definitely recommend that others read this book, it was truly heart felt and loved it greatly.



 If you’re looking to get a good dose of laughter and snark with your happily ever after, look no further that Stay With Me. Mackenzie is the sweet and sassy that you expect from the South. He has the most adorable chip on his shoulder from years of struggle with abandonment and sometimes self worth. His job as a PI has only cemented his belief that love only hurts and can’t be trusted. You will laugh out loud at some of the things that he thinks and then comes flying out of his mouth. Your inner snarky boy/girl will wallow along with him because who doesn’t sometimes feel justified at being angry for no good reason. Mackenzie meets his match with Jordan though when Jordan hires him to follow his fiance Rachel. Despite that fact that Jordan is engaged and straight there is an unique chemistry to Mackenzie and Jordan that draws you in.

             Mackenzie has done the unavailable guy thing before and still struggles with his past. Jordan doesn’t make it easy to root for him either. His whole life he has been straight so he has some struggles of his own. So along their journey you will definitely want to kick him a few times. They have more to overcome before it is all said and done. You will see each of their sweet sides and the rough edges of trying to find a way to meld two lives together. They stumble along quite a bit and sometimes it makes you want to knock their heads together but you won’t be disappointed when you have reached the end of this book. You will want these amazing men to make it and along the way you will laugh, yell and maybe a few tears will be shed. But it makes you want to pick up the next book just to see if they can make it  for the long haul and to see how Mackenzie’s PI partner deals with it when love comes knocking on his door.

Jessica W.
I thought the main character was hilarious with his snarky comments and attitude throughout the book.
However, there were times when I got a bit tired of Mack and I really hated Jordan for his wishy washy behavior. Not to mention the fact that Jordan hadn’t been with another man but sure jumped in feet first.. or maybe that’s head first and made it seem like he was such a pro.
However, overall I felt like it was a very well written book with unique and fun characters and plot line. The plot line was fun because we got to see some silly things that come along with being a PI, which I found down right hilarious.
The narrator did a good job with the book and I enjoyed listening to his voice. However, I can’t say there was anything that made it particularly stick out from any of the other narrators I’ve listened to.

Mackenzie is hilarious! I can’t remember the last time I laughed this much. His never ending internal dialog is fantastic. However, it would have been nice if he had had a supportive confidant for him to talk to. Someone he could share all his internal angst with. Instead, he starts believing the worst is going to happen. He’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop. And instead of talking things through with the person he’s in a relationship with, he runs.

When Jordan came into the picture I was excited to hear his story. The description of the book made him sound so interesting. I was expecting some sort of internal angst of his own. But the reader never gets to hear it because the story is written in Mac’s POV only. Not hearing Jordan’s POV makes believing his story difficult. Is it possible for Jordan to suddenly want another man when he’s never been with one? Or even had feelings for another man? I don’t know.

Despite all this, the book is well written and I look forward to reading the sequel.



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S.E. Harmon has had a lifelong love affair with writing. It’s been both wonderful and rocky (they’ve divorced several times), but they always manage to come back together. She’s a native Floridian with a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Fine Arts, and now splits her days between voraciously reading romance novels and squirreling away someplace to write them. Her current beta reader is a nosy American Eskimo who begrudgingly accepts payment in the form of dog biscuits.


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