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CoverTitle: Escapade
Author Name & Publisher: Dolce (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: April 11, 2016 – 380 pgs


Twenty-nine-year-old Lucas Thompson is at the top of the corporate ladder. But when his lifelong friend and ex-boyfriend invites him to his last-minute destination wedding in the Bahamas, Lucas realizes his corporate success can’t hide his private loneliness. Nor will he be able to escape seeing his family at the wedding—and having to explain, yet again, why he’s rich, handsome… and still single.

Fate and a taxi ride change everything when Lucas meets the charismatic and clever Jack McQueen, who just so happens to be a male escort. Jack’s presence on Lucas’s arm at the wedding keeps questions at bay, but their pretend relationship turns into something more after ten days of sun, sand, and sex. And before the trip is up, both men will discover that what started as a simple escapade in paradise might just lead to their very own happily ever after.

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I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Dolce on a job well done. This was a wonderfully, sweet, romantic read. If you cannot tell I loved this book.

Lucas is a corporate shark that is great at his job but has no life what so ever outside of work and does not even care to have one either. He is happy to be on his own with his pug George (or Georgie) as some may call him. Then he meets Jack McQueen (aka Teddy) who is a male escort. Even though Lucas does not begrudge Teddy for what he does for a living he does not see himself as the type of person to hire an escort for himself, well that is until his best friend decides to up an marry and demands his presents at the wedding.

What starts off on shaky ground between Teddy and Lucas soon turns into an easy friendship.

I loved this book because it made the characters come out of their comfortable lifestyles and open up to one another in a way they normally would not. Even though we all know this is a romance book it is slow getting to that point. They went from barely being able to be around one another to becoming friends, then to fooling around with kisses and such, to finally admitting to one another that they have feelings for each other whether it for the duration of the wedding week or longer. It is not your typical romance where two people meet and then suddenly they are together. Their feelings progressed with one another like it would in real life and that made this book so much better.

I also loved that they each had issues that they had to overcome about themselves before they was ready to move on to the next level in their relationship. Then you throw in all the people of attended the wedding and of course Geogie and it made for a heck of a good book with a lot of fun and humor.

As I said an amazing job. Congrats again to Dolce on an awesomely great book.



This is such a fun, sexy romp. When corporate shark Lucas and male escort Jack meet in a shared cab, sparks fly. Despite straightlaced Lucas’ many reservations, he just can’t resist Jack’s charms.

This story starts quite slowly as the author moves between the two men’s povs, building them both into wonderfully charming characters. By the time Jack agrees to attend a Caribbean wedding as Luke’s guest, the men are cautious friends with some serious chemistry.

The second part of the story focuses on the extravagant beach holiday. The excess and glamour reminded me of old-school Jackie Collins or Louise Bagshaw romances. This is a story of beautiful people whose luxuries are described in endless gushing detail.

There isn’t much originality here. The story is predictable and relatively angst free. The pacing is off at times. Far too much time is spent describing a pre-wedding mini-Olympics and I felt that far too little time was spent exploring the men’s relationship moving from companions to friends to lovers. But once these two are finally lovers, this gets very steamy.

Ultimately, this is a fun and entertaining story with a little bit of heart. Secondary characters are well developed and the settings are marvellous. Readers looking for an easy, satisfying beach read will really enjoy this.



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Dolce is a thirty year old New Yorker who loves to write, cook, sing, and laugh. She got her start writing fan fiction and is excited, and a touch frightened, to make the jump to original fiction. She is a big fan of the band Muse, who inspired her to choose a single word for her pen name: DOLCE. Plus, Cher has the one name thing going for her, too. Everyone loves Cher.

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