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Title: Stubborn as a Bull
Author Name & Publisher: D. L. King (NineStar)
Publication Date & Length: March 27, 2016 — 43 Pages


Kat, a bartender at Artemis, is a free spirit. She likes hooking up with random hot girls whenever she wants. Getting serious is the last thing on her mind. But her best friend thinks it’s time for Kat to grow up and settle down, like her.

Lil, a local restaurateur, is new to the scene and becomes smitten. Lil’s stubborn, but Kat’s skittish. And, like a cat, the more she’s chased, the faster she runs away. Kat’s got too many plans to settle down now—like that hot butch or the stripper who comes in with her friends… But Lil’s stubborn: Stubborn as a bull.

Stubborn as a Bull contains adult content suitable for mature readers only.

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A quick easy to read mild erotic novel.
Rather predictable but snappy, interesting and a fun way to wile away the time.
I would have liked more of a story line and stronger characters hence the three stars, but a fresh and uncomplicated read.
I feel wishy-washy about this story. Part of me wants to rate it higher because it was well-written and a nice, quick, interesting read. But the other part of me keeps dragging me back to a couple of plot points that I have a problem with. Truthfully, this story might be considered erotica, and I definitely don’t have a problem with erotica. But it seems to me that the story is struggling to be considered a romance, and that’s where some things kind of break down for me. Kat seems extremely shallow to me, and because of that, it’s hard to believe she feels anything deeper with Lil than she does with the other two we see her with. And it’s hard to understand why Lil is so stubborn about her anyway; not only does Kat ignore her to hook up with other women, but she seems to actually dislike Lil at first, so why does Lil keep coming back for more? Also, and this may just be a personal thing, but if I’m reading a romance about two people finally getting together, I don’t expect to read explicit details from casual hook-ups that occur before the two lovers get together. All that does is convince me that Kat is incapable of the sort of relationship Lil seems to want. And Kat seems to have a lot of sex. I don’t understand why sex with Lil is any different. It isn’t like they got to know each other any better than any of the others Kat had sex with, so what changed? Again, this almost seems to be a mixture of erotica and romance, but if so, it missed the mark for me.
I have to say I really enjoyed this sexy little story. It had some fun, hot scenes, but then we got to see a relationship sort of develop on another front.
While I thought the story was really really well written and I did enjoy reading it, I think it was missing a bit of romance to the actual relationship.
It was fun to read about Kat’s exploits, but the relationship felt sort of rushed and we missed out on the true romance of them coming together for reasons other than sex.
Kat works in a bar and picks up plenty of girls to sleep with. When Lil shows an interest she doesn’t seem impressed and carries on going home with girls for fun.  When her best friend Carla sets them up to spend time together they hit it off and eventually get it together and have explosive sex.  This was a fun story to while away some time and very hot.  I wasn’t too keen on Kat as she was a bit of a user and showed no respect for the girls she was picking up.  I thought he sudden about-face when she got together with Lil didn’t entirely ring true.  I liked Lil though and felt she deserves someone who would treat her well.  I’m not sure Kat was that person. Nevertheless a happy ending and a decent story.
Kitty Kat

This was a quick, hot read; however, I would class it more erotica than romance, as we don’t see much romance developing with the characters. The story was hot, well written, and engaging; however, my issues with the story originate with Kat.

Kat seemed to be likeable upon first blush, but upon further reading I found her to be shallow and more about a fun time than a long time, which there is not anything necessarily wrong with; however, I feel we don’t see enough character development to support her quickly being a relationship kind of woman. I know with short reads it is challenging to fit everything in that needs to be; however, it is hard to fathom how Kat can go from basically hating Lil and brushing her off to wanting to be with only her.

I also don’t understand why, even after being ignored and blown off, Lil keeps going. I guess as the reader I don’t understand what keeps Lil from moving on, and honestly part of me wanted her to blow off Kat and find someone worthy of her.

It was a fun and sexy read; however, I had trouble liking the main character enough to truly enjoy the book.



“Strong, like Russian bull. Right. More like bullshit. Or more like ‘stubborn like a bull.’ Shit… I mean, really, what is it with her? I just don’t get it.” I lifted the hose out of the caddy and added more Diet Coke to Carla’s glass. It was the middle of the day—too late for lunch but too early for happy hour.

Carla took a drink and gave me a piercing look. “What are you talking about? Or should I say who are you talking about?”

“It’s that dyke, Lily, or Lil. Whatever. She’s always coming in here, bugging the crap out of me. Like just before you got here. She snuck up to the bar while I was changing out one of the kegs and said something like, ‘Hey little lady, want me to help you with that?’ I practically cracked my skull open on the top of the beer cooler. And then she grins and says that ‘Strong, like Russian bull’ thing and makes a muscle. She makes me crazy.”

“I don’t know who you’re talking about. What does she look like?”

“Yeah, you know her. She’s got short brown hair. Not boy-short, just short and kind of wavy. She’s maybe in her late thirties, but she looks like she’s in good shape—like she works out or maybe plays some kind of sport. She wears jeans and T-shirts, mostly. You know who I mean. Lil.”

“Kat, you just described half the women who come into this place. So, what else does she do to annoy you?”

I grabbed a glass of water and told Carla all about it. The way Lil always seemed to be there when I looked up, but how she never bought a drink. And the way she bullied customers at the bar when they started getting the least bit rowdy. She was costing me tips.

“And there was that time last week when this cute butch was hitting on me, and Lil shoved her way in front of the woman and asked something inane, like if I knew what time it was, or something. The girl just backed out of the way and decided to go hit on someone else, I guess…and she was cute, too. I don’t know, Carla, the bitch is out to get me, but I didn’t do anything to her. I swear. Hell, I don’t even know her.”

Carla started to grin.


“Geez Louise! Can’t you tell when someone’s flirting with you? Or has it really been that long?”

“Flirting? Well, she’s not my type,” I said. I gave Carla a wilting look and went back to doing the prep work for the evening. Flirting? Is that possible? If it was, it was like the way boys used to flirt with girls in third grade. I was seriously waiting for her to punch me in the arm—and then I’d have to smack the crap out of her.

I wiped down the bar after restocking, and then I began preparing the drink garnishes and gave Carla another refill.

“You know, Kat, I’ve known you for seven years now, and I still don’t know what your type is. Just who are you looking for?”

She put a ten on the bar, and I leaned over and gave her a kiss. “Maybe I’m not looking for anyone. Do I have to be?”

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you.” Carla shook her head on her way out. She opened the front door to bright, glaring sunlight and waved as she stepped outside. The door shut behind her, wrapping the place in twilight shadow again, the way a bar should be.


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