New Release: TWO 5 Star, One 4 Star and One 3 Star Reviews for Snowed In, a FF Anthology by Shira Glassman, Aiden McKenna, Cassandra McMurphy, Jessica Payseur, Sheri Velarde #FF #Fantasy

Snowed In Cover

Title: Snowed In, a FF Anthology
Author Name & Publisher: Shira Glassman, Aiden McKenna, Cassandra McMurphy, Jessica Payseur, Sheri Velarde (Torquere Press)
Publication Date & Length: January 20, 2016 – 31 k


Snowed In is a blend of frost, snow, and wintery lesbian romances from five Torquere Press authors.

A snowed-in band mom falls for a music teacher in Fearless by Shira Glassman. In To Melt a Frozen Heart, Heather finds herself stranded in a blizzard, by Sheri Velarde. Jessica Payseur delivers an icy little fantasy in Frost and Ice. Because of a snowstorm, Rebekah’s not so lonely when Lily can’t make it home in At the Bottom of the Mountain by Aiden McKenna. In Cold Chemistry by Cassandra McMurphy, Alyssa doesn’t want to want Jayne, but she can’t seem to help herself.

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I love a good anthology, and this collection is exactly why. Plenty of variety, from the sweetly romantic to the down-and-dirty erotic, there’s something for everyone in this mix.


by Shira Glassman

This was my favorite of all the stories. I love music, and the setting brought back my own memories of playing in those big events. Mercifully, we never got snowed in! I loved the chemistry between Mel and Lana, and I loved the promise of something more for them beyond their weekend trapped in the hotel with the kids. Excellently written, a combination of sweet and fun. 5 stars

To Melt a Frozen Heart

by Sheri Velarde

I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first. It felt a bit rushed to me, and despite the steamy scene, I didn’t feel much chemistry between Ana and Heather. It was okay, but it lacked a little something for me. 3 stars

Frost and Ice

by Jessica Payseur

This was the only fantasy among the set, and it was pretty much pure erotica. While neither of those is my preferred genre, this one drew me in. The chemistry between Isolde and Jaq was hot…er, cold…well, it was intense, anyway. They were great fun together, and even though it was mostly about the two of them getting it on, I still felt like their huge personalities shone through. I know the writing is excellent if it gets me to enjoy something out of my usual! 5 stars

At the Bottom of the Mountain

by Aiden McKenna

I loved this one. I really felt the loneliness both Rebekah and Lily both experienced, and I was glad they found each other. I was also pleased to see a more mature woman discovering new love. The setting was gorgeous, and the connection between the two women was tender and deep. This one left me with a happy sigh and a smile. 5 stars

Cold Chemistry

by Cassandra McMurphy

This was a fitting end to a great collection. Both sweet and hot as blazes, the title says it all–Alyssa and Jayne had real chemistry. There were fun and playful moments, Alyssa’s insecurity, and Jayne’s patient gentleness with Alyssa’s fragile heart. I could not have adored them both more. This story left me both satisfied and frustrated–satisfied because it was so good, frustrated because I wanted more. 5 stars

Overall, I give the collection 5 stars.



This is a really delightful compilation of short stories. Together they covered a whole gambit of lesbian relationships as well as soft erotica.
It was interesting to read a novel that covered not only a wide age group of lesbian characters but also one that did not just stick to the traditional woman meets woman scenario. I was pleased to see that fantasy and magic were also included.
Each of the five authors offered a fresh and new perspective to lesbian love and attraction. This Anthology showcased each of these authors abilities in an absorbing and in some cases amusing way.
I thought the editing of this book was done in a very creative fashion. Each story carefully balanced with the previous narrative as well as the narrative following it.
With some Anthologies you get a mixture of good and poor stories, I felt all the tales told in this edition were well written and well worth reading.


This was a pretty good anthology, and the theme is perfect for romance. Most of the stories seem to be on the same level as far as the writing style is concerned. At the end of the book, I wanted more. Here’s a quick rundown of the included stories:

Fearless by Shira Glassman:  I liked this one because it was all about new beginnings later in life. It’s nice to read a romantic story about a mom, and how sweet and circumspect the relationship starts because it happens around teenagers. A little different but very likable.

To Melt a Frozen Heart by Sheri Velarde:  This is the story I had the hardest time with. I think it’s because when they first see each other, I get no sense of attraction between the two women. It also seems as though Heather’s past is rather vague, and I’d like to get a better idea of what she’s running from.

Frost and Ice by Jessica Payseur:  This story made the anthology for me. It was innovative and unsettling, yet I just can’t help liking Jaq and hoping that she thaws Isolde’s ice.

At the Bottom of the Mountain by Aiden McKenna:  Another good story about two isolated souls that come together and find themselves a little less lonely. I really liked that Lily was bold enough to go for what she wanted.

Cold Chemistry by Cassandra McMurphy:  This was one of those stories that made me laugh as well as made me want to smack Alyssa. She seemed to do a back and forth type of dance, because of past hurts. But when she finally followed desire instead of allowing fear to hold her back, the result was magnificent. Another really good story.

All in all, a very enjoyable read.

Amy P.


I enjoyed some of the storiers in this anthology but not all.
Fearless by Shira Glassman-It’s a great story, slow burning attraction. Makes you want them to act on it and when they do its lovely . Made me what to know what happens to them next. A good story.
To melt a frozen heart by Sheri Velarde was a nice story of passion ignited between two women when Ana takes in the frozen Heather who has been stranded in a snow storm with no gas. Both had issues to get over and their steamy night together helped them both.
Frost and ice by Jessica Payseur was about magic and passion between two seeming enemies. I didn’t like his one and just found it a bit bizarre.
At the bottom of the mountain by Aiden McKenna was really hot and a great read. Neighbours who get to know each other on a cold night, with plenty of passion and good characters.
Cold chemistry by Cassandra Mcmurphy was the one with a bit of kink in it. A good read with lots of hot passion and interesting characters.
A good anthology .

Kitty Kat


A crust of snow caked the steps to the door, broken by a big set of shoe prints. Boots, she thought, and paused, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

Who was here?

She pulled out her phone and dialed Janet for the fifth time. The line crackled and popped, but it did ring. Alyssa glanced around to the window, but the curtains were drawn tight. The line rang more. Janet’s voice came on, soft and sophisticated. “You’ve reached the voice mail of…”

Alyssa hung up, feeling worried and a little defeated.

Did she smell smoke? She glanced up, and sure enough, there was smoke coming from the chimney. A burglar wouldn’t have decided to light a nice, cozy fire, would he? Whoever was here, it had to be one of Janet’s friends. What were their names? Erin and James?

She tried the knob, and the door swung open easily. Warm air beckoned her inside. Alyssa hauled her bag over the threshold and closed the door, afraid to lose one delicious drop of heat.


The pop and crackle of the fire replied. Gosh, Janet was so damn lucky. The living room looked straight out of some winter resort, with soft leather couches piled with pillows, thick woven rugs on the floor, an ottoman covered in fur in the middle. The fire cast playful shadows across her feet from the red stone fireplace, which above, sported a breathtaking painting of the mountainside in winter.

Something creaked in the hall.

“Hello?” Alyssa said, her voice coming out thick and wavering.

A shadow flickered ahead.

“Janet?” The shadow paused and moved toward her. Alyssa’s mouth went dry and her hands tightened around the strap of her weekend bag.

God, who was this? Janet didn’t have friends… like this, didn’t she?


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