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Title: The Articles of Release (The Release Series #2)
Author Name & Publisher: B.A. Tortuga (Dreamspinner)
Publication Date & Length: September 4, 2015 – 65,000 Words


Just released from the military, wounded warrior Eric Tremaine is trying to put his life back together like the doctors reassembled his shattered leg. He’s a man with no home, since his Louisiana family rejected him, so Eric winds up in Texas with his old Army buddy, Adam Winchester, and his lover, Sage.

When Eric decides to stop sitting on his ass feeling sorry for himself, he is introduced to trainer Troy Daniels, who lost both his legs in a teenage accident. Troy knows what it’s like to feel as if your body is your enemy. While Eric and Troy have a bumpy start, they soon find enough common ground to make a friendship, if not more. But taking it to the next level means finding out what they have to offer each other, and the world, before they can trust that the love they find together won’t cause more pain than pleasure.

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As soon as this hit my kindle I could not put it down so I ended up staying up till 2 am reading this book.  Let me tell you this book was so good!  Loved these characters so much! With everything they had to go through and how strong they both were.  First you get Eric who had to work through what happened to him, the pain it brought him and the sadness of the way his family treated him.  Then you get Troy with his positive outlook at life no matter what he went through and his need to help others who have been hurt.  I can not even put into words how much they are perfect for each other.  You get your angst and sweetness with this book.  I don’t even know how many times I wanted to shake Troy and tell him no don’t do it.. I can’t say why what with out giving away spoilers only that you will know when you read this.  Can I also say there was hotness factor to this book.  What I will say about those parts is whew had to fan myself a few times after reading those.  All together this was such a good story about two men who in my opinion who were so perfectly matched.  I would definitely recommend this book!



Let me start out by saying that I did not read book 1 in this series – but that I never felt lost or like I was missing something.  This could be a standalone story.

Eric and Win – two army buddies who were always there for each other.  When Eric finds himself disabled and with no support, he is able to call on his buddy, Win.  When Eric sees how happy Win is with Sage, Eric wants that for himself.

I really liked Win and Eric’s relationship.  It wasn’t overly drawn out, too military – it was really genuine.  Then you throw in a yummy cowboy, Sage and you get a whole new dynamic.

I was really able to feel Eric’s frustration and anger throughout the beginning.  When he throws his first tantrum (of a few), directing his anger at Troy, I totally felt frustrated for both Eric and Troy.  It was then, you learn why Troy is so good at his job.

Tortuga did an amazing job at developing Eric and Troy’s relationship – it was real, with no fluff.  I liked them so much as individuals, but so much more as a couple.

My heart hurt when one of the characters was hurting, sung when there were good times and rejoiced at the end.

I love BA Tortuga’s books and this one did not disappoint.



I loved this book, I loved the story that unfolded.  A couple of surprises sure helps you understand where the characters come from.

I loved the couple Eric and Troy made.  They were well developed characters.  You get an insight into each why they are the way they are. It was a lovely romantic story of two guys falling in love, it wasn’t rushed at all.

Win and Sage added a great addition to this book.  Win was a good friend to Eric and helped him when he needed it the most. I loved Sage something was always happening to him, it gave an interesting spin on the story.

I would definitely recommend reading this book. I hope there will be more to this series.



Second book in the series but you could read it as a standalone. I loved Eric and Troy, the way their relationship started out very rocky and turned into beautiful love story. Super sweet at times with some angst thrown in. I like how the author handled Troys special needs, I learned a lot and it brought a realism to the story. There was so much passion and love between these two. I also enjoyed seeing Sage and Adam from the first book, they are as amazing as ever. Highly recommend.



When Eric is injured in Afghanistan and discharged from the army, he can only think of one person who might take him in.  His army friend Win and his partner Sage bring Eric home and help him heal.  When Sage introduces Eric to his trainer, Troy, sparks fly between Eric and the muscle-bound trainer.

BA Tortuga is one of my favourite m/m authors, and while Troy and Eric aren’t my favourite of her couples, this is still a really beautiful story.   At the start of the novel, it is pretty difficult to like Eric.  He misses the army, hates his physical limitations and his pain makes him miserable and short tempered.   When we first meet Troy, he  comes off as a flippant, abrasive daredevil.

I’m not sure I can remember a pair of leading men who made such a negative impression on me at the start of a novel.  Troy and Eric both develop through the book and by the end of the story I was pretty attached to them.  I liked their inner strength and resilience.  I enjoyed the banter between them and the friendship between Troy and Sage.

Unlike most of Tortuga’s books, parts of this story didn’t quite work for me. Troy’s cavalier risk-taking was childish, repetitive and annoying.  Eric’s recovery was just a little too easy.  I also have a hard time believing that two bodybuilding men, obsessed with their physical appearance and fitness, would spend much of their time together eating junk food and drinking Dr. Pepper.   The point of view in this story flipped between Troy and Eric very quickly.  During conversations and sex scenes, there were times I found it difficult to determine which man was thinking or speaking.  

Once I got past my frustrations with this story, I enjoyed it.  Tortuga writes Texas like no one else does.  She writes about disability and rehabilitation with sensitivity and empathy.  Her men are sexy and the chemistry between Eric and Troy is hot.  



This book was well written and I liked the book. The story line was great. However, I just couldn’t seem to connect with either of the MC’s. I read the first book and throughly enjoyed it. It was great to catch up with Sage and Adam.

At times the story seem to be dragged out and others seem to just fly by. I think the biggest issue I had with the book was Troy. He was just too outrageous, although he appeared to be a caring trainer. Eric was almost too timid but I do love be military men. Hopefully there will be more to the series.



“Want to join me?”

“Thanks, but I’ll stand. Sitting’s a pain in the ass.”

Eric blinked. That was a new one. “Uh, did I piss you off? I didn’t mean to.”

“Huh? No. No, you’re totally good. Completely. How’s your falafel?”

He hadn’t even tasted it. What was it about this guy that got under his skin? “It’s fine. What, the trainer doesn’t want to be seen with the cripple or something?”

“Pardon me?” The asshole actually looked around, like he didn’t know what Eric was talking “Well, it’s not like I wear a T-shirt, but the heavy limp is kind of a giveaway.” He could do sarcasm too.

“What the hell are you going on about, man?”

“I want to know why you would rather stand and hold your food than sit with me!” That came out loud enough to draw few stares, and Eric kinda felt as if he was having an out-of-body experience.

Troy’s cheeks went a dark red, and the man moved over and set his food down. “Sorry, man.”

Sage and Win were heading over, and Troy sat at the end of the table, sitting awkwardly at the edge, legs barely tucked under.

Eric tried to breathe, to calm the fuck down, but his fury hit him about the time Sage stumbled into the table and Troy damn near went ass over teakettle onto the grass. That was it. Seriously? Seriously, this motherfucker was going to treat him like a goddamn leper because he limped? Gonna fall onto the ground rather than sit with the crip like a decent human being? Fuck, the bastard was probably one of those liberal hippie types that thought every soldier was a fucking murderer and deserved what he He’d just been doing his job, goddamn it!

“Jesus, just go, would you? Some trainer you are, being ashamed of a guy with a bad leg!”


“Don’t you fucking pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about!”

“What the hell?” That was Sage, who always managed to look vaguely confused, which pissed him off too. What? Did falling in love give you the magical ability to live in fucking lala land? Huh?

“What happened?”

“Just fuck off.” He wasn’t sure who he was aiming the snarl at.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Troy was looking at him like he had two heads and neither one of them were speaking English.

“What’s wrong with me? I’m sick of people humoring me and pretending that it doesn’t matter that half my leg is missing when they’re grossed out by it.” Eric kinda lost his shit, right there, slamming his hands on the table.

“It’s not missing.” The words from Troy were flat, dead still somehow, and didn’t really make “What?”

Troy got up, stood like he was setting himself, then carefully pulled up the legs of his jeans, exposing metal rods that disappeared into the motorcycle boots. “This is what missing looks like, just sayin’.”


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Texan to the bone and an unrepentant Daddy’s Girl, BA Tortuga spends her days with her basset hounds, getting tattooed, texting her sisters, and eating Mexican food. When she’s not doing that, she’s writing. She spends her days off watching rodeo, knitting and surfing porn sites in the name of research. BA’s personal saviors include her wife (still amazing to say that), Julia Talbot, her best friend, Sean Michael, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Really good coffee.

Having written everything from fist-fighting rednecks to hard-core cowboys to werewolves, BA does her damnedest to tell the stories of her heart, which was raised in Northeast Texas, but has gone to the high desert mountains and fallen in love. With books ranging from hard-hitting GLBT romance, to fiery menages, to the most traditional of love stories, BA refuses to be pigeon-holed by anyone but the voices in her head.


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