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Title: Onwaachige the Dreamer (The Two-spirit Chronicles #3)
Author Name & Publisher: Jay Jordan Hawke (Harmony Ink)
Publication Date & Length: December 17, 2015 – 200 pgs


What would you do for the boy you loved? What if to save him you had to abandon him forever?

Fourteen-year-old Joshua Ishkoday faces an impossible decision as a terrifying dream sets him upon a thrilling and treacherous journey of self-exploration through the dangerous vastness of the Wisconsin northwoods. There, along with his best friends, Mokwa and Little Deer, Joshua summons the power to confront his greatest fears. To do so, all he has to do is trust in his dreams. Unfortunately, Joshua discovers that his dreams have been deceiving him thanks to the intrusion of strange creatures. For out in the middle of the forest dwell the enigmatic Memegwesi, bizarre manitous who have a special plan for Joshua. Joshua soon realizes that he has three monsters to battle: the extraordinary creatures haunting his dreams, the dangerous torrential storm brewing in the northwoods, and finally, the greatest demon of all—his homophobic mother.

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But the village lake was also the source of Joshua’s greatest pain. It was where he had his naming ceremony, the very same night his mother tore him from the reservation.

As he arrived at the lake, he looked around and could still see the charred remains of the woodpiles from the campfire that had illuminated his ceremony. For a moment, he could see the flames still flickering as they shot glowing embers upward, touching the sky, preparing to announce his identity to the manitous, to the cosmos. Then it had all been ruined as his mother stepped in and committed a terrible affront to everything that he was, to everything that he was becoming.

Joshua sat down by the lake and let the stream of thoughts and emotions come and go. He soaked them in, holding each in a mental spotlight, then releasing it in preparation for the next in line. But as confusing and painful as his thoughts were for him right now, he took solace in the fact that he was home once again and the way that made him feel was anything but confusing. As he gazed at the light mist floating silently across the early morning lake, he felt an overwhelming sense of serenity, as though the manitous were reassuring him that everything was going to be okay. Maybe they were right. And that little moment of peace was what was so magical, so miraculous about this place.


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Jay Jordan Hawke holds a bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. in history, as well as a second master’s in Outdoor Education. He loves everything sci-fi, especially Star Trek! He teaches high school history and anxiously awaits the day when he can write full time. His hobbies include camping, movies, reading, running, and writing. His first book, Pukawiss the Outcast, was a Lambda Literary Award finalist for Best Young Adult Gay Fiction. He resides in one of the Great Lakes states.


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