New Release: Only If: Days Before You Came by R. Paone #MM


Title: Only If: Days Before You Came (Part 1)
Author Name: R. Paone
Publication Date & Length: September 14, 2015 – 7 pgs


“Days Before You Came: An “Only If” prequel novella.

Robert had weeks to prepare for the next big step in his life. That was graduate school and there was plenty to worry about. Before love, there was school. Before having time, there was no free minute to think.

Before Mitch, he didn’t find love.

Before there was “Love is Found,” there was “Days Before You Came.”

This is the starting line. “

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R.Paone started on this writing journey in June, 2014. From events that were beyond his control, he decided to start this new path in his life before my 30th birthday. It has been quite the journey mapping out this story arc. He has learned so much writing a novel in that it has been therapeutic and also eye opening as it evolves. He hopes everyone will enjoy what is to come from the “ONLY IF” series as I want this to be something anyone could reach for and say “that could happen to me.” Stay tuned! Three fun facts about him is: he live in NYC, has a vast horror movie collection and has a great appreciation for Enya.


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