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Title: How It Was Supposed To Be
Author Name: Jayson James
Publication Date & Length: April 10, 2015 – 192 pgs


eese Kennecott had everything he could ever want and life was good. He’s dating the guy of his dreams and has a great group of friends. The Kennecotts were living the carefree life as an upper middle class family until the day his father arrives home from work with the news that the company he has worked for since he was Reese’s age has gone out of business. Aside from the great depression, this is the worst economic downturn the United States has ever faced. It does not take long for the Kennecotts to fall behind in their bills and eventually to lose everything.

Reese used to work part time for extra money now he is working all the hours he can get in order to help his family get by. But things have gone from bad to worse. Hope finally comes with a new job that will take the family across the country, which means giving up their lives as they’ve always known them. The family embarks on a road trip to their new life. Along the way, they are forced to make difficult choices and hope begins to fade. Each day things become bleaker and the Kennecotts begin to wonder if they are ever going to make it to their destination. But sometimes things that have no reason to work out do and we end up right where we should be, at the right time and in the right place.

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I have a horrible time when it comes to writing about myself.  It is not that I have low self-esteem, but the fact that I am not comfortable talking about myself.

For most of my life, I have been writing and sharing it with my friends.  They have repeatedly told me I needed to publish my writing and share it with the world. Now that I have, I am amazed at how many people admire it.

My interests beyond writing include reading a variety of books, watching movies and drawing.

I truly appreciate all the support and encouragement from my friends, family, and you. I am so thankful to your support!

Keep on reading! I am always interested in hearing about what people are reading, especially if it is something I have written.

Thank you for reading and letting me know what you think of my writing!


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