4 stars for New Release: Haunted Hotties Volume 1 by Kiernan Kelly, Laney Cairo, Alex Cohen, Katey Hawthorne, Jamie Jennings, Aaron Michaels, Jacey Mills, L.J. Hamlin, Shira Glassman, Sheri Velarde, Kassandra Lea, Mychael Black @torquere


Title: Haunted Hotties Volume 1
Author Name & Publisher: Kiernan Kelly, Laney Cairo, Alex Cohen, Katey Hawthorne, Jamie Jennings, Aaron Michaels, Jacey Mills, L.J. Hamlin, Shira Glassman, Sheri Velarde, Kassandra Lea, Mychael Black (Torquere Books)
Publication Date & Length: October 14, 2015 – 71,000 Words


This Halloween collection has a little something for everybody. With demons, ghosts, psychics, reapers, shifters, and witches… a rainbow of paranormal/supernatural is included.

In Nine-Tenths of the Law by Kiernan Kelly, Oliver discovers he has a haunted sex toy. In Bear Hugs by Laney Cairo, Martin’s boyfriend might be bear shifter and apparently that’s news to him. In Houdini’s Masquerade by Alex Cohen, when Lila meets a succubus, everything changes. In Præsidium by Katey Hawthorne, Thackeray needs helps from a witch who won’t help him until he explains his demon. In Black Cat by Jamie Jennings, when a cat shifter can see ghosts, Micah’s simple life suddenly isn’t. In Haunted Honeymoon by Aaron Michaels, Dylan and Jake seem to be sharing their non-honeymoon with a couple of ghosts.

In And the Tarot Cards Said by Jacey Mills, an insistent ghost shouldn’t be too much to handle for psychic Vassily and his Tarot-reading assistant Ben. In Spirit Wolf by L.J. Hamlin, when Dawson rescues an injured wolf shifter, it’s not just his book that gets worked on while getting back to nature. In Wet Nails by Shira Glassman, it’s not every day a glamorous ’50s actress comes out of a TV but lonely grad student Adina isn’t complaining. In Possessed by Love by Sheri Velarde, a storm trapping them together gives Andrew and Damian the chance they’ve been waiting for. In The Last Night by Kassandra Lea, Eric gets one night a year and he always picks one particular Halloween. In Molly by Mychael Black, Detectives Cameron and Chase discover the murderer plaguing their city is more sinister than they could have known and not entirely human.

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From Nine-Tenths of the Law by Kiernan Kelly

Let me set the scene for you. There I was, on my bed, naked, my asshole greased, and the butt plug inserted in it as far as possible, angled to hit my prostate, the vibrating option turned on. I was fisting my cock, rock hard and slick with lube, edging so close to orgasm my balls felt ready to pop.

“Fuck, it’s dark in here.”

I believe I may have completely levitated off the mattress. I know my hard-on wilted like an ice sculpture in a microwave. Scanning the bedroom, I looked for an intruder, but could see no one.

“Tight, too. I always did love a tight, hot ass.”

The speaker was British; the voice, deep and sexy, and coming from right behind me. I spun around in a circle a few times, trying to catch the person I assumed could only be a machete-wielding-chainsaw-brandishing-serial killer that happened to have a silky, dark chocolate voice, but I couldn’t see anyone. As far as I could discover, I was alone, which of course meant I’d imagined the voice.

“What are you doing, Olivier? Stop it at once. You’re making me dizzy.”

Olivier? No one had called me that in years, not since… Hearing the old nickname was shocking enough to leach the fear out of me for a minute. It took me another full sixty seconds to realize the deliciously decadent voice was not only real, but also somewhat familiar, and more importantly, coming from my ass.

That’s when I finally fainted.


Nine-Tenths of the Law by Kiernan Kelly M/M Rating: 4 Stars
This story started of funny “Haunted Butt Plug” lol.. There were also some sad moments when you learn what happened to Martin the Ghost in collage. Olivier is using his toy when it starts talking to him.. The ending was a little bit I don’t know how to put this other then weird but all together I liked this story!
Bear Hugs by Laney Cairo M/M Rating: 4 Stars
I thought this story was really cute with the way the author explained Eric’s shifting and why he did.  It was a different approach to it then I have ever seen. These two together Martin and Eric were so cute and I could feel the love growing between these two. All together I really liked this story!
Houdini’s Masquerade by Alex Cohen F/F Rating: 5 Stars
Lila only gets one night on Halloween to enjoy herself and there at a party she meets Tasha a Succubus who is instantly attracted to her. Well Tasha has to search her out because she can not stop thinking about Lila. There was so much steam in this story and the way the author wrote these two together I just loved this story!
Praesidum by Katey Hawthorne M/M Rating: 4 Stars
Thackeray is a demon hunter who also has one inside of him he goes around making sure no demons make it into this world. Matt is a witch who is trying to stop his coven from calling a demon. They both work together to stop the summoning. I liked this book and these two MC’s together!
Black Cat by Jamie Jennings M/M Rating: 4 Stars
I liked this story but I would not call it a romance. There was really no romance between these two MC’s but it does leave it open for more which I hope there is because I would love to see more of Nico and Micah.  In this story something is after Micah and Nico protects him in his cat form. I really liked this story!
Haunted Honeymoon by Aaron Michaels M/M Rating: 5 Stars
I thought this one was a little freaky I honestly could not imagine seeing what Dylan sees. But at the same time I thought it was so sweet when you find out who the ghosts are and how Dylan and Jake are at the hotel for their honeymoon.  I can’t go much more into this story without giving something away. So all together I really loved this story!
And The Tarot Card Says by Jacey Mills M/M Rating:  3 Stars
While I thought the story was cute something about it did not sit right with me and I felt like it wrapped to nicely. I just don’t think I felt the connection between these two MC’s.  But I did love the pretense of this authors story.  So I liked it but for some reason I needed to feel that connection to believe it and unfortunately with this one I did not get that.
Spirit Wolf by L.J. Hamlin M/M Rating: This was a DNF for me sadly..
It was just too descriptive. One minute you get everything from Dawson’s POV then on the second page of this story it was all Dawson sits down then Dawson jumps up and it went on like that.  After a little bit it just got to be to much for me. So I am sad to say this story was just not for me…
Wet Nails by Shira Glassman F/F Rating: 3 Stars
While I liked the pretense of this story I did not really get why?  I can’t say what that why is without giving away the story but a lot of it left me scratching my head confused.  You do get steam with this one but that was about it. So I liked were the author was going with this but I was honestly to confused over parts of this so this one was sadly not for me…
Possessed by Love by Sheri Velarde M/M Rating: 4 Stars
This was a super fast read but I really liked it! I can’t say too much about it without giving to much away. With this one you get Damian and Andrew who are possessed with lust for each other.. I really liked this story!
The Last Night by Kassandra Lea M/M Rating: 5 Stars
This story was so beautiful and at the same time so sad.  I am crying right now just thinking about this story. Eric Storm is a reaper and he gets one night a year to be with the man he loves and OMG! This story was so heartbreaking.. For the author to pull me in and just ugh bring me to tears for these two men in this short of a story was just amazing! I loved this story!
Molly by Mychael Black M/M Rating: 4 Stars
So while I liked this story I was left wth so many questions.. Like who, why and why were this people killed.  That just left me so confused.  I know who the killer was but the whole why behind everything I needed to know.  Lets just say this story creeped me out… I really liked this story I would just have liked a little more details though.
All together these stories were awesome for Halloween to get you into the mood! I really liked most of these stories and would definitely recommend this book!


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