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Title: Ask Again (Odd Wolf Out #1)
Author Name & Publisher: B.A. Tortuga (Torquere Books)
Publication Date & Length: October 14, 2015 – 15,000 Words


Hearing that his ex-best friend is getting married might be the only thing that can lead Andy back to his wolf pack deep in the Colorado mountains. He’s a city wolf now, leaving behind the awkward, skinny teenage geek he was once upon a time. All he wants to do is see Levi one last time, and maybe lament what might have been between them if Levi had been brave enough to leave the pack with Andy all those years ago.

Levi has been a good soldier in his Alpha’s army, the second-in-command for several years. Seeing Andy again reminds Levi how he’s toed the line, and how all he’s gotten for it is a lonely life. He’s not sure why Andy came back, and at first he’s not even happy about it. Their need for each other runs deep and strong, though, and Levi has to wonder what he would do for Andy if the man would just ask him one more time.

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Andy and Levi began life very similar.  They learned that they both liked boys together and began their relationship at an early age.  However, because Andy was the “runt” of the pack, people liked to pick on him.  He wished that he had been able to stay with his pack, however, because he was always seen as the weak one, he decided to leave – to strike out on his own and do for himself, what the pack wouldn’t do.  His only issue: Levi.
Then you have Levi.  He was bound to his pack – duty bound.  He wanted to be enough for Andy to stay.  However, in the end, he was not enough and had to learn to live without his best friend and lover.
This was a sweet, short story.  I was listening in my car and laughed out loud at Andy’s mom.  She is a spitfire and one that I would have loved to see more of.
While this story did have some angst, the real story is between Levi and Andy.  Their connection was never lost and despite not having seen or heard from each other in so long, they were able to kind of start where they left off – that’s how you know the friendship was strong – can you be apart, not speak for years and still feel like you just saw them yesterday.
I really enjoyed this story – it had a feel good sense and was very well laid out.  I do wish that it had been a little longer and that I would have known more about Andy’s brothers.  I feel like they were mentioned a lot, but we didn’t really get to see them.


So I know this is a novella so it is going to be short but for me I did not see the characters together enough to actually believe they are mates. Let me tell you why..
So Andy leaves town and the pack for ten years but come backs to visit when his grandma tells him Levi is getting married..
Well when they see each other face to face it was on and cracking right away no real build up or enough of one for me. Their conversations were so for a lack of better words weird just stilled and no real deep talks just right to the wham bam then were mates or at least that is what I felt like.
So for me I need that build up and for the two MC’s to interact more together to feel their connection. So although I liked were the author was going with this story and the shifter aspect of it too, I am sad to say this novella was just not for me…



This book was about 54 pages, a quick and short read about Andy, a wolf shifter who left home along with his 2 other brothers (they’re triplets). Andy and his brothers left their pack when they were 17 because they didn’t fit in. Andy was the runt while his two brothers were a little bit bigger, but was still treated like crap.
Well, when Andy left, he also left his mate, Levi. Levi refused to come with him. 15 years later, Andy is back because his sneaky grandma told him that Levi was getting married.
For a short story, it packed a lot of heat. Levi and Andy were both big, hot men and both were alpha-ish. I liked that Andy may have been labeled as a weak omega when he was a teen, but came out on top when he got older. Violence doesn’t solve anything, but it was kinda sexy how Levi and Andy got aggressive with each other and it turned into a make-out session.
There wasn’t a big plot, but it kept me reading to the end. The ending and the bad guy was kinda weak though. Still, I have a feeling we won’t be seeing the last of him. I’m interested enough to read Book 2 when it comes out. It looks like the next book will be about one of Andy’s brothers.
I hope Benji, the healer, is a mate for one of them. He just stood out to me even though he only had a small scene in the book. 🙂


Dad winked as Mom cackled from the kitchen. “So, really, why are you here?”

“Gran called and suddenly, I needed to come.”

Levi’s getting married, Andy. You should be here, stand up for him. His Levi. His mate. Getting married and settling down to start producing more wee pack members. The Alpha’s head enforcer, which Andy thought was odd, since enforcers usually didn’t allow distractions. He just wanted…

Shit, he wanted to prove that the runt of the litter had grown up, was as big of a stud as his brothers. Well, okay, no one was as ripped as Adam, but he was a throwback. Andy was totally hotter than Ashton.

“Here, let me get the trash can.” His dad gave him no satisfaction on the gossip.

“I’m going to make brisket for supper and an apple pie.” Mom stopped, pierced him with a look.

“You are staying for supper, aren’t you?”

“I was thinking of staying for a few days, if that was okay.”

“Adam’s room is a nice guest place now,” Dad told him. “Knock yourself out.”

“Thanks.” Suddenly he felt freaked the fuck out. What was he doing here? Proving that he was a giant dipshit to the man he’d lusted after since he was fourteen?

Trying to prove that geek chic was in?


Okay, first off, asshole, he told himself. No longer a geek. A hipster, sure, but a sexy one.

Second, he was going to get his mom’s brisket. He’d have to Skype Ashton and gloat.

“You do have wireless, right, Dad?”

“Ashton had it and satellite installed. Said we had to move the pack out of the nineteenth century.” Dad rolled his eyes. “Me and Mom. Trendsetters.”

“Good deal.” Andy would bet the Alpha had the same or a better set up now, too. Did he even know the Alpha?


He spent his full moons in his basement, not running with the pack. The pack had never fucking wanted his sorry ass, and he wanted nothing to do with them, but he was sure glad to see his folks.

“Come on out to the garage, son. I’ll show you the Mustang I’m working on. She was in terrible shape when I found her. It was enough to break your heart.”

“Yeah?” Andy kissed his mom’s cheek before heading outside. Dad did love his classic cars.

That was one thing they had in common, so he might as well look.

His burning questions about Levi could wait until after supper, he supposed.

Hell, maybe he wouldn’t even ask them.


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Texan to the bone and an unrepentant Daddy’s Girl, BA Tortuga spends her days with her basset hounds, getting tattooed, texting her sisters, and eating Mexican food. When she’s not doing that, she’s writing. She spends her days off watching rodeo, knitting and surfing porn sites in the name of research. BA’s personal saviors include her wife (still amazing to say that), Julia Talbot, her best friend, Sean Michael, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Really good coffee.

Having written everything from fist-fighting rednecks to hard-core cowboys to werewolves, BA does her damnedest to tell the stories of her heart, which was raised in Northeast Texas, but has gone to the high desert mountains and fallen in love. With books ranging from hard-hitting GLBT romance, to fiery ménages, to the most traditional of love stories, BA refuses to be pigeon-holed by anyone but the voices in her head.


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