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Title: University of Southern Georgia: Dan and Billy (University of Southern Georgia/USG #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Heath Greenfield (Torquere Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 2, 2016 – 37,100 Words


Some people know exactly who they are. As a matter of fact, some people can’t help being who they are even if it doesn’t fit into a conventional world. Other people struggle to figure out what that even means. Dan is the first. Billy is the second. Together, they are exactly what each one needs.

When a horrible roommate forces Dan—a theatre major and the apple of his family’s collective eye—to desperate measures, he turns to Billy to save him. What he doesn’t know is that Billy needs him just as much. Billy, the staunch, upright, gay Republican who has secrets of his own, is bowled over by the bright, forthright Dan, and finds himself inconveniently in love. Dan adores a man of conviction, and he’ll force himself to settle for friendship if he must…but as fate has it, things are about to change…

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This book is amazing. I could not put it down.

The book is primarily about Dan and Billy but I guess you cannot leave out Ross either.

Dan is a flamboyant, out and proud gay man who is dramic in everything that he does. He is also a freshman at the Universityof Southern Georgia who is rooming with a “hater”.

Billy is the exact opposite of Dan. He is reservered, quiet, Republican Gay man with anxiety disorder. Billy is also a freshman at the same college but he does not have a roommate because of his disorder. And more importantly he has a boyfriend named Ross who is all too happy to have Billy roomateless.

Billy comes to Dans rescue with the roommate dilemma when things get to be to much for Dan in his current situation with the “hater”.

Now Ross…. What can I say about him other then he is the type of person who is out for him and him only. He uses sex to manipulate Billy and Billy just does not see it coming.

This book was just such a great love story. It was a story about two people becoming best friends first and helping each other in their times of need to growing into what they are meant to be to each other. Heath greenfield did an amazing job at making me want to reach in the book and strangle a certain someone in this book. He also made want to pop two someone’s upside their heads and say open your eyes to what is in front of you.

Amazing story and definitely will be recommending this book and reading the first book since I have not read it yet. Also kind of hoping that a character that was mentioned in this book (Kyle) will be getting his own book too. You will see why when you read this book.



This was a very sweet story of coming of age, learning to love yourself, accept yourself and letter love in.
Dan and Billy make for an odd couple.  Dan is wanting to have the most of his college experience and with a roommate who hates gay people, he’s suffering more than he needs.  When he goes to try to fix his roommate situation, Billy is the one who comes to his rescue.
Despite Billy’s somewhat OCD personality, he finds himself being more and more calm about things with Dan as his roommate.
Then you have Ross… Oh Ross… what a jackass you are.  Selfish, self-entitled, insecure and a stodgy know-it-all.
The relationship that develops between Dan and Billy is sweet, innocent and so realistic.  They are friends first, but once both are able to truly develop real feelings, their relationship takes a slower pace.  It seems that they rushed through the friendship, but once they were able to truly feel, both were so scared.
I loved Dan’s family and Billy’s family – they helped to develop the story in a realistic manner.
This book ends with the reader getting exactly what they hoped for – a love story with a HEA.


“Billy! Billy, boy!” It was that crazy freshman from one floor down. “Darlin’ Billy! I need your help.”

The guy threw himself at Billy, and if Billy hadn’t reached out and grabbed him, the kid would have hit the floor hard.

“Uh…what’s going on?”

The thought that the kid was cute, but a little overdone, flashed through Billy’s mind. Wait, Billy corrected, not my type.

“Yes, uh, Danny?”

“Dan. My name is Dan…not Danny.”

“Right, Dan. Uh, how can I help you?”

“I knew if I came to you and threw myself on your tender mercies you could not deny my plight.”

“What plight?”

Dan straightened up and plopped himself on the bed across from Billy’s.

“Billy, I need you to provide me safe shelter in these troubled times.”

“Safe shelter? You want to, uh, stay here? With me?” he was confused. “Why?”

“Because, dear Billy, I have found myself with the most dreadful creature on our good God’s green earth.”

“What’s that?”

“A hater.”


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Heath Greenfield lives in Port Orange, Florida with family, assorted dogs, cats, and other animals. Having recently taken up gardening to meet with a food obsession and daydreams of urban farming, Heath binge watches documentaries on organic growing and hatches wild schemes to build garden boxes in his down time.


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