New Release: 5 Star Review for The Faerie Godmother’s Apprentice Wore Green by Nicky Kyle #FF #Fantasy @LT3Press

CoverTitle: The Faerie Godmother’s Apprentice Wore Green
Author Name & Publisher: Nicky Kyle (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: March 23, 2016


The village of Styesville has a dragon problem, and is in sore need of a knight in shining armor to solve it for them. Instead, they get a strange traveler in a ragged cloak they barely even notice at first. Worse still, it soon becomes clear the problem setting fire to their village isn’t as simple as a dragon…

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If I had to pick a novel that illustrates a picture in words this novel would be it. The language used, the descriptions all blend together to depict a fantastic, magical adventure, one that unravels before your eyes in such picturesque detail it is totally absorbing, to the eyes and the mind.
To me this just wasn’t a funny, humorous and cultured tale so much as an appraisal of coming to terms with your own sexuality. A parody of what can sometimes occur when you come “out” to loved ones and how they react to you. How you can cope with this, and, ultimately, learn to live and love yourself.
The images and rhetoric used are really insightful and effective. Using fairy tales to clarify a very difficult and emotional time in an individuals life.
This is a brilliant and witty book, full of carefully scripted images and advice all given in a surreal but meaningful way. Short but full of punch, an absolute gem, I can’t praise this novel enough.

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