New Release: 4 Star Review for Snowed In, A MM Anthology by Lynn Townsend, Jessica Chase, Kassandra Lea, Leigh Ellwood, Logan Zachary, Tray Ellis, Emjay Haze, L.J. Hamlin


Title: Snowed In, A M/M Anthology
Publisher: Torquere Press
Publication Date & Length: January 27, 2016 – 44k


Snowed In is a wintery blend of frost, snow, and romance from eight of Torquere Press’ M/M authors.

Winter storms are dangerous, and in Celibate Cold by Lynn Townsend, Topher finds himself stranded in one when his car slides into a ditch. Alone and scared, he tries to walk home in the blizzard but ends up at Chase’s house, desperately in need of help.

Can an accident on Luke and Tom’s annual hike lead to them becoming more than good friends? Find out in Jessica Chase’s Falling for Love!

In This Winter’s Night by Kassandra Lea, Barry is devastated when he realizes he spends more time talking to his horses than his boyfriend—but that’s about change.

These snow angels have a devilish side! Huey and Tommy think their neighbor Marshall would be a naughty, fun addition to their snow day in Snow Angels by Leigh Ellwood.

In Snow Job by Logan Zachary, winter doesn’t always come with a chill—sometimes it’s smokin’ hot! For Lance and Leo, snowbound and icicles are about to take on whole new meanings.

Beau and Leon are two strangers on a chairlift. When Leon—the “experienced” skier—laughs at himself, Beau looks at him in a whole new light in Taking the Fall Line by Tray Ellis.

In Snowy Reunion by Emjay Haze, Steven wonders if he even has a boyfriend since Jonathan walked out after their last argument. But Jonathan surprises Steven during a ski trip and it just might save their relationship.

Seeking the elusive Yeti is Joel’s passion, but he finds more than he bargained for in Adventures of a Yeti Hunter by L.J. Hamlin.

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Celibate Cold

by Lynn Townsend

This was delightfully sexy and steamy. Both Chase and Topher are likable, and they have terrific chemistry. The story is exactly what it should be when it comes to a snowstorm hookup: A good time had by all but with the dangling possibility for more. Not an instant-love-connection tale, just two men warming up by the fire. 5 stars

Falling for Love

by Jessica Chase

I was pretty meh about this one. It’s cute that Luke and Tom had a second chance to connect. However, I found it past the realm of fantasy and into unbelievable territory when they started making out while Luke had an untreated broken leg on a mountainside. That was so utterly ridiculous and neither romantic nor hot. That said, I liked seeing them together, just not like that. 2 stars

This Winter’s Night

by Kassandra Lea

I love romance between established partners, so this one was nice and sweet. Tender, romantic, and emotional, it hit some nice notes. Barry and Oliver are a great pair, and I enjoyed this gentle interlude between them. 4 stars

Snow Angels

by Leigh Ellwood

Hands down, this is my favorite in the entire anthology. It’s is scorching hot, funny, sexy, and just plain delightful. Huey and Tommy are hilarious in their ogling of hot neighbor Marshall, and Marshall is wonderfully reserved in his ogling right back. I am not usually one for threesomes, as I find they lack a certain chemistry, but this one may have converted me. Really well-written with smart dialog and enough charm to melt the coldest heart. 5 stars

Snow Job

by Logan Zachary

This is another one I was iffy about. I really don’t care for instant-love, and this is pretty much the definition of it. One night of sort of bland sex and Lance is asking Leo to move in while Leo is changing his sign to add Lance’s name? That’s pushing my limits on believability. I didn’t find the passion between them terribly compelling, and the writing style lacked some grace. I kept getting pulled out of the story by oddly phrased sentences and missing words. This was okay, and I did like the characters, but it clearly wasn’t the story for me. 2 stars

Taking the Fall Line

by Tray Ellis

I thought Leon and Beau were exceptionally cute together. I loved the ski and snowboard lingo. It brought me right into the story and held me there, and I was reading it as much for that as for the budding romance between Leon and Beau. I love when an author sneaks in a bit of social commentary, so I perked up at Beau’s internal dialog about Leon’s family and their wealth. Fun and sweet. 5 stars

Snowy Reunion

by Emjay Haze

This was a sweet story about Steven and Jonathan making things right between them after a nasty fight. I love make-up stories, and this had some great highlights. My only hesitation is that there wasn’t anything that made this one really stand out. It was good, and well-written, but it wasn’t terribly original or unique. 4 stars

Adventures of a Yeti Hunter

by L.J. Hamlin

A great last story to wrap up the anthology. I enjoyed the budding romance between Joel and Tommy. The concept was interesting, with the yeti hunting. I don’t think I’ve read a story with a paranormal or fantasy element that wasn’t really the focal point. I liked it. Joel and Tommy are hot together, and naturally, I appreciated a story about a pansexual character. I appreciated that this was about “staying warm” in a storm but not about instant love, even though there’s a promise for more. 5 stars

Averaging out the star ratings, the anthology as a whole gets a solid 4 stars. The only thing missing in this one was a genuine fantasy or science fiction tale. Otherwise, there should be something fun for everyone inside.

4 stars



Chase squinted. Of course it wasn’t a yeti, he thought. But the creature who was stumbling in his direction was covered in snow from the thighs down and his coat was thick with ice crystals. He had a hat crammed low down over his ears, but no gloves, and his sleeves were crusted with more snow. He’d probably fallen a few times, to judge by the smears of white down his front.

By the time Chase had identified the intruder as being nothing more than a man, his visitor was nearly to the porch. The man’s teeth were chattering so hard that he couldn’t seem to force intelligible words out. Chase caught a few mumbled syllables.

“Well, you look like three miles of bad road,” Chase said. He helped the man up the stairs and then impartially started brushing snow off his back, not really paying attention to where his hands were until the man startled when Chase’s hands came down on his ass, smacking snow away.

The stranger whirled, his brown eyes wide.

Chase held his hands out to his sides, harmless. “No point in trackin’ that all in m’house, man, and you look a bit chilled to do it yourself.”

The man nodded, stomped off his feet as best he could, which wasn’t very well. Chase sighed. The guy was wearing fucking Oxfords, for Christ’s sweet sake. He’d be lucky if he had any toes left at all. Fool.

“Sex,” the man said.

“What?” Chase had to have misheard that. He stuck a finger—snow covered, and cold—into his ear as if to clear it out. Or wind up his brain. “What did you say?”

“Six. Six miles of bad road.”


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