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Title: Murder on the Rocks
Author Name & Publisher: Clara Nipper (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: April 12, 2016 — 240 Pages


Murder is a seductive story that keeps Detective Jill Rogers hypnotized and soothes her road-hungry feet. Money and murder—the world’s most fascinating subjects. Jill quit romance when she left Sophie Walsh, the love of her life, starved and hurting. Love is for sunny, squishy people, and Jill is dark.

A few things Jill knows for sure: the more violent the crime, the closer the relationship is between victim and murderer. Murder investigation is a two-piece puzzle. One piece is the crime scene and it forms half the picture; the other is the witnesses and suspects. Ideally, the two halves come together and form a complete whole and the case is solved. If they don’t, either Jill made a mistake or someone is lying. And she doesn’t make mistakes.

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The opening pages really got my attention unfortunately after that I just became confused.  The accents were difficult to comprehend and I was baffled why there was such a discrepancy in what  appeared to be such a geographically short distance between locations.
I found the plot very difficult to follow it seemed to veer from searching for the murderer to the emotional turmoil that represented the main characters life. Personally I felt the lack of continuity detracted from what might have been an otherwise captivating murder investigation.
For me I also found the characters difficult to like or feel sympathy for.
The final unveiling of the murderer was totally unexpected and for me the most captivating part of this novel.


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Clara Nipper, aka Cat Owta Hell, is honored and delighted to be one of the Bold Strokes Books family. After signing with Bold Strokes, Clara made the second best decision of her life: she began skating derby as a Fresh Meat ‘tard with her first team in September, 2009 and by 2010 had earned the title of Captain and is now Assistant Captain of Roughneck Roller Derby.


Outside the rink, Clara writes fiction, makes desserts and enlarges her certified wildlife habitat gardens.


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