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Title: Love vs the Limelight
Author Name & Publisher: Manda Olie (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: April 27, 2016 — 45 Pages


Rick Campbell is the Hollywood Heartthrob who has it all: a great career, an excellent agent, and fantastic friends. Unfortunately, he also has a secret that could potentially ruin his success. His reputation as a lady-killer is completely fabricated in order to ensure he keeps getting work.

His silence when it comes to the truth may cost him Christian, the love of his life, who’s grown tired of being a dirty little secret and has issued Rick with an ultimatum: tell the truth or lose Christian. Heartbroken and afraid, harassed by reporters and adrift in a world that’s slowly changing, Rick has to choose between the life he’s worked hard to build and the man he doesn’t want to live without.

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This is a very short story of an actor forced to choose between his partner and his successful, closeted life.  The story has been told many times before and the length of this book doesn’t really allow for well developed characters or unique plot twists.

I could see the attraction of both Rick and Christian, but neither character was fully developed in this very short story.  I found Bella annoying and the pretentious LA lifestyles weren’t really for me.  

So, for a quick twenty-minute read, I can see the appeal.  Personally, I enjoy the complexity of novels and the Bluewater Bay series has very recently told more complex versions of this story several times over.  



Love versus the limelight is a great name for this book because that is exactly what this book is about. So the title could not be more correct then it is.

Rick is an actor who hides his sexuality behind a beard but in the process of hiding he loses the one he truly loves, Christian, because he is too scared to come out as being gay.

Basically as I said before the title to the book is fitting because that is what it is truly about. Throughout the whole book Rick is scared to admit to the public who he is. I believe that a lot of Ricks problem is that he is so far in his own head and about how badly he believes the public will perceive who is his because of his sexuality that he can see past that.

Christian is the one that I truly liked in this book because he stood by his convictions of not being someone’s dirty little secret. But I think that he did so respectfully because even though he knew he could not keep hiding their relationship if they stayed together, he still offered his support to Rick even when his heart was broken.

This was a good, quick read but it was very interesting in the same aspect. I really enjoyed it.



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Manda began to write at a young age, though those tales aren’t exactly as well put together as later works. A fan of all genres, romantic fiction holds a dear place in her heart.

She owns one dog (part-time), holds down one job (full-time), and enjoys writing all manner of nonsense with the rest (spare-time).


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