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Title: Riley Parra Season One (Riley Parra #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Geonn Cannon (Supposed Crimes LLC)
Publication Date & Length: January 27, 2011 – 479 pgs


Demons Are Real. Riley Parra Plans to Give Them Hell.

No Man’s Land isn’t the kind of place you go after dark, even if you have a badge. But Detective Riley Parra was born there, and she refuses to surrender it to the drug dealers, killers and criminals who have made it there home. The case of a body stuffed into a drainage pipe leads her to discover that there is far more at stake than she ever imagined. Reeling from the knowledge that angels and demons are at war in her city, Riley finds herself thrust into the role of champion for Heaven. Determined to stop the demons and be more than just a pawn for the angels, Riley does the only thing she knows how to do: she fights.

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This author captured my attention with the first paragraph and held onto it through the entire book. I had trouble putting it down and found myself on the edge of my seat as I followed the ups and downs of the story. The characters are well developed and each have their own wonderfully complete personalities that flow and fit together perfectly. Growth, development and overall learning is apparent with the main characters, even in this first book in the series.
The way the book is set up, each section like parts of an episode within a season, almost as if one is reading the scenes for a television show, makes it easy to follow as well as offering natural stopping points if the reader would like to take a break for eating or sleeping. There were very minor spelling and formatting issues that didn’t detract one bit from the readability of the book or it’s story line.
The characters are wonderfully imperfect and show their flaws perfectly in the right situations and you can’t help but adore every one of them. I even found myself in a love/hate swing with the books less than virtuous characters, finding that they were, indeed, a necessary evil in the midst of it all. Not all in this book was sunshine and rainbows and even characters I loved made mistakes that made me want to smack them upside the head, the mark, in my honest opinion, of a perfectly constructed character.
The plot and it’s twists grabbed hold of my curiosity and held it in a vice grip until the last page, leaving me aching to begin the next book immediately. I look forward to following this unlikely set of heroes and villains through the rest of this series!


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