3 Stars for Jade by Skylar Wood – @SkylarWood623 #F/F Romance

Beauty In Dark

Title: Jade
Author Name: Skylar Wood


Jade Tanner appears to have it all. To the world she is a self-made billionaire and business woman extraordinaire. However, it’s lonely sitting atop the corporate world, and more and more Jade can’t help but feel empty inside.

A secret sexual fantasy life begins as she starts chatting online with a beautiful young escort named Twylla Star. Becoming deeply immersed in this fantasy world, her desire to meet this woman soon becomes so overwhelming that Jade finds herself booking a date with her.

Meeting the delectable Twylla in Las Vegas, Jade is unprepared for the impact Twylla has on her the moment she holds the other woman in her arms. What started out as an unfettered sexual weekend with someone she’d never seen again, suddenly turns into something more.

When lust turns to love, are they strong enough to let go of the past to build a future together? And what will happen when the real world comes crashing back in?



As a lesbian erotic novel, Jade is a huge hit. Lots of sex, fantastic sex, diverse sex. This is a book to bookmark and re-read and keep handy.

As a story, Jade is a poorly-implemented cliche. The rich-girl-meets-prostitute story has been done before, and better.

The character Jade is shallow and unappealing. Her cohort is one-dimensional, if attractive. There are efforts to create plot and movement between sex scenes, and they are generally ridiculous.

Did I mention it’s hot? Two stunning, desirable, physically attractive women go at it in beautiful ways. I think this book has appeal… just not for me.

C.E. Case






Skylar Wood lives in the very beautiful, lively and fun filled City of Edmonton, Alberta Canada, where there is always something going on, summer or winter. She feels it’s a great place to be.

Skylar is a reading fanatic and only wishes she had more time to do it. Jade is her first venture into the writing arena. She says that writing is hard work but it’s a refreshing change from her nine to five job. It provides fantasy and escape. She truly enjoyed writing Jade, a lesbian romance novel, stating it was a neat sexual fantasy to explore through the pages of a book and that writing Jade and seeing it publication has been one of the best experiences of her life.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skylar.wood.921?fref=ts
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@SkylarWood623


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  1. Skylar Wood

    Hi there! It’s Skylar here! Thanks so much for your honest review. Live and learn I always say. It good to see the novel from another person’s point of view. I’ll implement this constructive criticism into my next book. Steep learning curve but I’m slowly but surely climbing it. :).

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