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Title: Hellcat’s Bounty
Author Name: Renae Jones
Publication Date & Length: October 4, 2014 – 118pgs


Lesbian romance meets adventure in the first Rosewood Space Western.

The hellcat of Rosewood station is the best of the best. Anelace Rios is a good old-fashioned troublemaker, fiercely independent, and best of all, a steady hand with a flamethrower. Carnivorous amoeba are slowly taking over the half-abandoned mining port, and the freelance exterminator rakes in big bounties killing them off—then she spends those bounties in a grand way. Work hard, play hard.

Meidani Sintlere’s reputation is exactly the opposite of her wild friend. She’s the station’s hardworking black market doctor. She’s shy. She’s nice. She’s got a weakness for imported chocolate and pastel dresses. And she gets mad as a sani-vacced cat when Anelace shows up missing chunks of skin.

The hellcat never lacks for a willing partner. Even so, Meidani’s got notions to cut to the front of the line and stay there. She upends everything Anelace knows about good girls and the bad girls who don’t deserve them, and in a blisteringly hot night they go from friends to lovers.

But their new closeness forces the kind of reckoning even tough Anelace can’t escape unscathed. She thrives on her job, relishes the payoff, but now she’s endangering more than her own adrenaline-junkie hide—every run risks Meidani’s happiness. For the first time, Anelace is risking her shot at love.

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I absolutely love this world. Love it, love it, love it. When I saw the genre, I knew this was a must have for me, because let’s be honest, how often do you see sci-fi and western wrapped up in one. This reminded me of Firefly right off the bat, only so much better. These characters had a purpose; they had a reason for being who they were without running into trouble every two seconds.

Anelace (beautiful name, by the way) runs around killing these things called blobs. I mean, really? Doesn’t sound interesting? Totally wrong. The extermination aspect to this story is what made it the most interesting. I wanted to delve even deeper into the world Anelace lived and exactly what made hunting these things so much fun and just so dangerous.

This book is great for making political statements, although I wish it had delved even more deeply into them. And this is where my problem with the book comes around. It’s a sweet romance, for the most part, but the romance moves quickly and really doesn’t have all that many problems in it. It seems as if the problem was created out of nowhere. It’s not as though Meidani went into the relationship without knowing how dangerous Anelace’s job was.

I think this book failed on the plot level. There just wasn’t much there. I kept looking for it, and it wasn’t there at all. I missed it. There were so many places it could have gone: immigration, LGBT relationships in a confined and small community, politics of the space ship, scientific in how the blobs were created and how they run amok and how they procreate, and a full romance focusing on the emotions of what these two fantastic characters are going through. There’s mention of all of these things but it’s never dug down deep into. I wish at least one of them had been explored intensely. It would have made this not a spectacular five. Right now, the star rating stands solely for the creation of the world (which is still awesome) and the characters.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in this world, simply because it’s a damn creative world in and of itself and I want to see more aspects of it.



I enjoyed reading “Hellcat’s Bounty”.  The book features a strong female character who exterminates blobs and she is the best of the best. You can feel Anelace’s excitement when she goes to hunt the blobs and gets a bit more than she expected.

In the book there is romance, suspense and sex.  That makes for a good story, however there are some things I had wished the author had focused on.  Those would be the back story on the spaceship and how the blobs came to be.   This is a sci-fi western book, but many things weren’t explained.

I will be looking forward to reading more about these characters and their world.



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Renae Jones has an eternal love for badass heroines overcoming danger, talking smart and falling for their perfect match.


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