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Title: Stranded
Author Name & Publisher: HelenKay Dimon (Riptide Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: November 23, 2015 – 155 pgs


Cabe got out of the gun-for-hire business the hard way—by nearly dying. Except then his former boss calls in one last favor for one final job. The mission should be simple: get a message to a retired operative in Alaska. But it puts Cabe face-to-face with the one man he doesn’t want to see and can never forget. Not after all the secrets and lies. Not after Brax almost killed him.

Brax Hughes lived hard and retired young to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Well, that was the plan, but before he can hang up his sniper rifle, he has one last mission: win back Kyle Cabe. Brax wants another chance, wants to come clean, but after months of lying to Cabe, he knows he could face a bullet—or worse—when they meet again. And they will meet. Brax made sure of that.

With a storm moving in and someone lurking outside the cabin, time is running out. Brax needs to talk fast and keep his weapons ready. And his best weapon is the truth.

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With this book you get Brax and Cabe. Well Brax did something really bad which ended his relationship with Cabe. He kept secrets and what he did to Cabe if I was him I am not sure if I could have forgiven Brax after that.
So Cabe gets dropped of in Alaska for what he thinks is a assignment but little does he know who is behind his new assignment. The fireworks between these two but with the way everything ended I will admit I was on the edge of my seat not sure if everything would work out for these two or not. So with this book you get action and steam .
So all together I really liked this novella!
I would recommend this book!


Cabe was basically a hired assassin before he quit, and he quit because the man he loved and thought loved him in return, shot him. On a last mission, he goes way out to MiddleOfNowhere, Alaska for a favor to his ex-boss…and finds out that his lover, the man who shot him and thought got killed, was actually alive and well.
Brax was that lover and he had a pretty good reason why he did what he did. I actually liked him a lot. It sucked that he had to shoot Cabe in order to save him, but he had to do what he had to do. He was like a double agent and put himself into a lot of danger just to keep Cabe safe from those who wants him dead. Cabe is a lucky man.
I liked Cabe too and felt for him. I mean, here was the love of his life, who had shot you, totally alive when they lead you to believe he was dead and you’re trapped in Alaska with him til someone sends help. Brax had set it all up like that so he had the chance to win Cabe back and explain why he did what he did.
There really wasn’t much action, but there was tension. The reason I gave this 4 instead of 5 was because I felt like this was book 2 instead of 1. Like I was missing a whole other book from when Cabe and Brax first met. I wish I could read about that. And I feel like Cabe and Brax actually got away pretty easy. Too easy. Maybe there will be a book 2? Hmm? I’d read it.

FourStarsThe story could have used a little more backstory.  It just seemed like there so much missing from the part of Brax shooting Cabe.

Cabe and Brax had a lot of chemistry between them when they weren’t arguing.
It seemed that’s all they seemed to do was argue and have sex..

The story had a very good suspenseful plot to it. It was a quick novella to read and I did enjoy the book.

This book drove me nuts! Cabe and Brax were always bickering and if they weren’t bickering they were banging. I mean I get why they were like that but it drove me flipping nuts! You could feel the chemistry between the two and you wanted them to have their HEA but my god, I thought I was going to reach through my kindle and slap them both! Finally when Cabe got his head out of his butt things got better but there were still some questions left unanswered. Like how did Sean end up being in charge?? Good book, just a little too much bickering at times for me.


This is a somewhat strange story.  I felt like I was plopped in to the middle of something and nobody told me.

Brax and Cabe have a very strained relationship, but it makes sense when you know that Brax shot Cabe and left him to die.  What becomes a story about communication, love and a strange semi-mystery is how Brax and Cabe move on from those horrible memories.

I did like that you were able to have some background, but felt that you needed more.  It felt like you were almost able to see the full picture if only the camera person were to move slightly to one side.  Then you have the sexual dynamic.  While I didn’t feel that the heat from this story was off the charts, they did have a decent connection.  However, I felt that they “fixed” their issues by having sex, rather than really working them out.

When you throw Sean in to the story, briefly, but leave out Myers, and then have the mystery of could they be found out by the bad guy, it all just felt unfinished.


ThreeandHalfStarsThis is my first book by this author and I really wanted to love it because I love enemies-to-lovers type of story. However, I never felt a connection to Brax but I did really like Cabe. I think the reason I didn’t like Brax is due to the situation that put them in the position they were in. I just could seem to get past that. I also felt that I was dropped into the story half of the way through. I think a little more background history would have been the way to go. Overall I really did enjoy this story and would like to read more stories from this author.



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HelenKay Dimon spent the last twelve years in the most unromantic career ever – divorce lawyer. After dedicating all that time and effort to helping people terminate relationships she is thrilled to write romance novels full time. Her books have earned praise, appeared on besteller lists and won numerous awards. Her first single title, YOUR MOUTH DRIVES ME CRAZY, was featured in Cosmo as a “Red-Hot Read” for August ’07 and spotlighted at E! Online. Her novella, “It’s Hotter At Christmas” from the KISSING SANTA CLAUS anthology, was featured in Cosmo as a “Red-Hot Read” for November ’09.

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