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Title: Battle Stations (Alliances #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Chris T. Kat (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 12, 2015 – 200 pgs


The fight to eradicate the Tash’Ba breeding stations continues, with spunky Commander Berit Turner and his Nadisc mate, Tom, in the thick of things. Sometimes it seems as though they’ll never locate and destroy them all. And there’s always the fear that the Tash’Ba have something else, something worse—if that’s even possible—lurking ahead.

As if things aren’t bad enough, Berit’s less than stellar past is threatening to bite him in the ass, and they’ve received alarming new information. The Tash’Ba queen needs to use Earth as a place to hatch the egg of her successor. And if what she says is true, the new queen will be even more voracious and cruel than her predecessor.

Berit, along with his team—Tom, Carson, Niyara, and Fleur—must do everything in their power to stop her. If they fail, Earth will be lost forever.

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This book was a awesome addition to this series!
You get a lot more of Tom and Berit which is always good and a lot more of those dinosaur creatures. I have to say I loved the action in this book and getting to see all the characters I loved from the first book.
Tom is still so protective of Berit and you could really feel the love between these two in this book.
This time not only are they fighting more of those dinosaur like creatures but the Queen herself.  For some reason she wants Berit and is not above using people around Berit to get him. So without giving a whole bunch away because this is book you definitely need to read for yourself.  You get a whole lot of action and humor from Berit, also seeing characters from the first book you loved!  Plus whole lot of steam between Berit and Tom… Lets not forgot the tail also lol.  Still getting used to that part.
All together I really loved this book and I hope to read more about Berit and Tom! Plus more about some of the other characters too. Of course more Fleur also she is still my favorite little furry badass!
I would definitely 100% Recommend this series!
An excellent installation of this series. I loved the first book and this one doesn’t disappoint either.
I loved watching the relationship between Tom and Berit evolve and grow while they are fighting to keep the Earth free from the Queen of Tash’Ba.
This one didn’t seem as action packed as the first one, but thinking back, it was, just in a different way and in different scenarios. It was in no way less interesting or captivating as the first one.
I love Berit’s personality. He constantly had me rolling my eyes and laughing at the same time. He is just awesome in every sense of the word… even if he is a bit stubborn.
At the end of the story things had been wrapped up nicely, however I think there is a possibility of exploring other things in more books in this series.. or maybe that’s just me wanting more of Tom and Berit!


Veering to the left, I allowed myself a quick glance over my shoulder. Not that I saw any chance of the elgoth having lost interest in me, because those fucking beasts never lost interest once they’d set their sights on prey, but sometimes a new prey might attract them more, which I’d have welcomed right then.

My lungs burned and my leg muscles smarted like hell from running like a rabbit through thick brushes and overgrown ferns. I even zigzagged around. Too bad I couldn’t find a rabbit’s hole to hide in. I had no idea where Tom, Carson, and the rest of the team were, either.

We’d been separated before—it happened when gigantic Tash’Ba war beasts decided we looked good enough to eat—but I’ve never liked it. No, scratch that. Every time it happened, it put the fear of God in me. A gust of warm breath, mingled with some spittle, sprayed my neck. I squeaked and swerved to the right, vaulting over a stunted tree trunk. Seconds later, wood splinters sped past my head, and I lost my footing on the vibrating ground.

I sprawled facedown in the mud, panic sending bolts of confusing messages through my body.  Maybe… maybe if I kept completely still, the elgoth wouldn’t touch me? The first time I’d made the acquaintance of one of these towering forty-foot-tall creatures, Tom had instructed me not to move, because they wouldn’t be able to locate us.

It had worked on Ligador and a couple of other breeding stations, but last time a team member tried this approach, the elgoth had roared and ripped him apart. All Tash’Ba war beasts seemed to be altering their tactics, making them even more unpredictable than before.

The mud around me sloshed, almost causing me to inhale some of it. I suppressed the urge to cough and kept my mouth shut as tight as I’d ever done, even though a whimper threatened to spill over my lips any second.

Another gust of foul breath struck my neck. My hair stood on end, my muscles locked in some kind of rigid stupor. That was it. I’d end my life as a morsel for an elgoth.

A blast echoed from the south, and the beast’s breath vanished from my neck. Gunfire followed the blast, and voices filtered through my terrified haze. They’d run right into the elgoth if I didn’t warn them. But… if I moved, or raised my voice, the elgoth would bite my head off. Literally.


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Thanks so much for having me on the Inked Rainbow Reads blog. I’m excited to talk about my new science fiction book Battle Stations, the second book in my science fiction series Alliances, with you and your readers. The first book in my series is called Breeding Stations, and I had a total blast writing both books. To give you an impression of the main characters and what they’re going through, I thought I’d list my top five scenes / moments in Breeding Stations, so here we go in chronological order:

#1 Berit meets Tom, his future mate, for the first time in Chapter One:

“I’ll accompany Commander Turner,” one of the Nadisc said.

He clicked his fingers at two other Nadisc, one male and one female. They stepped forward at once and advanced on me. For a moment, my breath stuttered in my chest. Having three Nadisc approach could put the fear in anyone, but I stood my ground. Well, mostly I remained frozen to the spot, but that’s just semantics.

“Commander?” Baker addressed me with a small smirk on his face. “Are you okay?”

I nodded. Fucking bastard. I didn’t have to say what I thought of him in that moment; he knew me well enough. He jerked his head to the side and I marched toward him, scowling.

When I reached him, he whispered, “Don’t cause havoc.”

“Me?” I batted my eyelashes.

“Berit.” He said my name in a tone full of exasperation, though it also held a certain fondness. Before Baker called up three more squadron leaders, he growled at me, “Keep your dick in your pants while you’re on the mission.”

I wasn’t about to point out to him I could get fucked without pulling my dick out of my pants. Instead, I glanced sideways, observing the three Nadisc that had lined up next to me.

While the rest of the Nadisc decided on a commander, the crew scattered to ready the freighters and fighters. The Nadisc next to me extended his hand. I took it and bit down hard on my inner cheek when my hand vanished in his. One of the really big ones, the ones I liked so much. A tremor surged through me, and I had no time to squash it.

The Nadisc’s eyes lit up and his tail twitched.

#2 Berit hears a Tash’Ba war beast for the first time in Chapter Three:

“We need to get back to the freighter. Now.” Tom jerked me upright, and I stumbled a few steps. He all but dragged me with him as he ordered the others to pack up and walk back.

My crew was well-trained. Even though Tom intimidated them, they didn’t obey. They didn’t show the slightest hint of doing anything he demanded. Instead, they gazed at me, waiting for instructions.

I struggled to loosen the iron grip Tom had on my collar. I could have tried my hand at bending iron bars for all the effect my effort had. I kicked out with my leg, aiming for his kneecap, but he evaded it with a swift movement. Before I had time to choose another tactic, a deafening bellow echoed through the forest.

My heart thumped hard against my ribcage when I whispered, “What was that?”

“Whatever it is, it sounded big,” Sherman, one of my crew, whispered back.

“Hurry,” Tom demanded. He put me on my feet, his gaze switching between me and the forest around us.

“Look, we—” I broke off. The earth vibrated. So much that the backpacks, scattered on the ground, jumped. Swallowing, I pulled out the environment scanner. It showed absolutely nada. Well, except for vegetation. I’ve never heard of bellowing vegetation, or a plant that caused the ground beneath my feet to shake.

“Get moving,” I ordered when another roar sliced through the silence.

#3 Berit sees a Tash’Ba war beast for the first time in Chapter Three:

Wood splintered behind us, and a tree trunk ten feet long sailed through the air. I leaped aside, just in time before the remains of the tree landed right in front of me. On its way, the tree snapped several other trees that tumbled against each other. Some of them crashed to the ground, forcing us to jump somewhere safer. Trimmons didn’t make it in time; he was knocked out cold.

I hurried toward him, calling his name. When I reached him, blood ran from his fractured skull over his face. Dead. Trimmons was dead. How could this happen? This was supposed to be a nondangerous planet! One we were supposed to make first contact with to verify that exploration teams could be sent down.

Tom grabbed my arm, yanked me up, and towed me with him. “Run!”

I wasn’t about to point out he didn’t leave me any other choice than to run with the way he held on to me, but somehow I had to make him understand we needed to take Trimmons with us. I looked back at the chaos of trees, all tangled together, and any words got stuck in my throat.

A large creature, easily forty feet tall, smashed through the forest and undergrowth. It stopped maybe fifty feet away from us and cocked its head to the side, scrutinizing us. It stood on two hulking hind legs; a heavy tail trailed behind. The creature’s head reminded me of a lizard—just that I’d never seen such a monstrous lizard except in books and—

“This can’t be true,” I said. “That… that looks like a dinosaur.”

Next to me, Sherman chanted “Oh God. Oh God” over and over again. I had no idea where Flix and Grappler were. Darting a glance around, I spied Flix crouched below a fallen trunk, pulling at something. Grappler. Flix was trying to free Grappler, who seemed to be stuck underneath two trees.

“Tom, let go! I gotta help Grappler and Flix.”

“Do. Not. Move.”

“What?” I nudged my elbow sharply into his rib cage.

The dinosaur-like creature’s head snaked in our direction. It blinked its reptilian amber eyes, then stretched up to its full impressive height and roared. Leaves trickled from the trees surrounding it as if the leaves were too scared to stay close to this… this monster. Another roar answered.

My heart didn’t thump anymore—it thundered. I shook all over when the creature standing only a few feet away from us changed its roar to some sort of clicking sound, before it tilted its head to wait for an answer.

#4 Berit has sex with Tom for the first time in Chapter Twelve (NSFW!):

“To take them? Like… in me sticking my cock up their ass?” I rambled.


I barked a laugh. “Are you crazy? No Nadisc would allow a human to penetrate him. We’re good for fucking, and some even mate, but that? No way!”

“Those humans that are mated to a Nadisc, what do you think it is they did to form that bond?” Tom asked.

“I have no idea, and it’s not something I’m interested in. Can we go back to the fucking part, please?”

Tom trailed a series of small kisses along my jawline, and what did I do? I whimpered when he stopped. In an attempt to save face, I said, “That wasn’t a whimper. I had… had something in my throat.”

Tom’s eyes gleamed in mischief when he bent down and repeated his earlier action. I tried to stifle the whine when he stopped, but my vocal cords had developed a life of their own.

With a groan, I said, “You’re not serious, are you? About me fucking you?”

He grasped my cock, lifted himself slightly and arranged my cock so it pressed into his crack. My eyes bulged, and my stomach muscles tightened to a painful level as he rubbed along my shaft.

“Seriously?” I whispered.

Tom shot me a grin before he spit on his finger and distributed it over my cock. I clenched my hands in his dreadlocks, needing something to hold on to, and hold on tight. He guided my cock to his hole and, without any finesse, he impaled himself in one swift move.

I yelled and squeezed my eyes shut. I didn’t mind bottoming—that’s what most men I’d been with expected from me—but this… this was heaven.

My eyes popped open when Tom’s tail probed at my entrance, the tip of it already dispensing lubrication. Another point I liked about Nadisc men—it never mattered whether you forgot to bring the lube, because they carried theirs with them.

I jerked my hips up and drove myself deeper into Tom’s body. He clenched around me, and unbearable heat and smoothness milked my cock. I’d be a goner in less than a minute, and wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

“Would you like my tail inside you?” Tom asked, skimming the wet tip of his tail along my crack.

“Yes! God, yes, please!”

Tom lost no time. There was a sudden pressure against my hole, and when I breathed out to loosen up, Tom’s tail slid into me. He didn’t stop, just went on pushing farther until he tapped my prostate for the first time. I yelled again in pleasure.

I couldn’t believe it. We were locked together, both of us panting and our skin glistening with sweat, and nothing had ever felt as good as this. My body thrummed, the blood in my veins pulsed in a fast, almost ecstatic rhythm, and when I gazed into Tom’s dark brown eyes, the emotions I discovered there shook something free inside me.

A single sob tore out of my mouth before I could thwart it. I pressed my lips together,

then slowly angled my head to the side, offering Tom my throat. My heart pounded harshly against my ribs as the implication of what I was going to allow him hit me. Still, deep inside I knew he’d been right. I wanted this, wanted him.

The tip of Tom’s tail swelled inside me, a telltale sign of his arousal. Not that I needed another sign—the large and fully engorged cock resting on my belly already did the trick—but the swelling filled me to the fullest.

Tom bent down and mouthed my throat. “You will be mine and I will be yours. Forever.”

#5 Berit meets Fleur for the first time in Chapter Twenty-Five:

A gust of hot breath tickled my sweaty neck. I jumped. Slowly, I turned around to face the rhelz. If I had to die here and now, I’d at least do it face-to-face.

The rhelz nudged its bloody horn against my belly. I cringed when it smeared blood all over me. I also stumbled backward until my back hit a trunk. Trapped again. I hated this feeling.

I slid my left hand into my pocket, intent on pulling out another bluster, but the rhelz bellowed. Spittle flew from its mouth and hit me on the nose and cheeks. Despite all my training, I still couldn’t thwart a sob from escaping my mouth. The Alliance should probably change their training program and include fighting techniques against the Tash’Ba war beasts.

Suddenly, a featherlight weight dropped onto my left shoulder. I squeaked and shook my shoulder. I aborted my shaking when the rhelz snorted and whatever had landed on my shoulder chirped.

The rhelz took a couple steps backward and swung its head from one side to the other.

The weight on my shoulder moved up to my head. Its feet were sticky, and when it moved along my head, it ripped out several strands of hair.

“Ouch!” I hissed.

The small thing on my head moved again. Two sticky paws rested on my forehead and a small face dangled head first in front of my eyes. I blinked. The… thing resembled no war beast Ylkurt had shown us. It had large black eyes in a black-and-white striped face, reminding me of a badger.

“Um, hi?” I ventured. “You’re probably going to kill me too, huh? Just to let you know, you have to wait till the big one is finished with me.”

The badger-like creature tilted its head to the side, and a sticky tongue swiped a trail along the tip of my nose. The animal chirped something, leaving me confused. It withdrew when the rhelz emitted an earthshaking roar. I pressed my back against the hard wood behind me, waiting for death to claim me.

The tiny thing jumped from my head and took up a position in front of me. It rose on its hindpaws, and I used the moment’s distraction to stick my hand into my pocket, grasping another bluster.

The rhelz stormed toward me. My heart threatened to leap out of my throat, but then the small creature chirruped something. A moment later, it spat at the rhelz. An orangish fluid covered the rhelz’s face, and it screamed in agony.

The rhelz thrashed from side to side, howling in rage or pain or a combination of both. I didn’t care. The badger-like creature looked up at me and gave me a wink.

A wink. How did it know such a gesture? Or had it just been my imagination? That would be it.

It scuttled away, deeper into the undergrowth, but stopped when I stayed rooted to the spot while the rhelz crashed to the ground, pedaling all fours into the air.

The little animal scampered back to me. It tugged at my boots and pointed.

“You want me to follow you?” I asked.

It chirped and ran along, obviously expecting me to follow, which I did.

I hope you liked the short excerpts from Breeding Stations, and I hope you’ll give Battle Stations a try!


Chris T. Kat lives in the middle of Europe, together with her husband of many years and their two children. She stumbled upon the M/M genre by luck and was swiftly drawn into it. She divides her time between work, her family—which includes chasing after escaping horses and lugging around huge instruments such as a harp—and writing. She enjoys a variety of genres, such as mystery/suspense, paranormal, and romance. If there’s any spare time, she happily reads for hours, listens to audiobooks, or crafts.


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