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CoverTitle: Simple Men
Author Name & Publisher: Eric Arvin (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 12, 2010 – 200 pgs


Chip Arnold is a well-liked football coach at a small liberal arts college, but his personal life is in a bit of a rut. He goes out drinking with his colleagues, gets along well with his players, and dates all the prettiest women in town-he has the life most straight men dream of. But lately none of the women he dates seem to be igniting any passion in him. Then he meets the new school chaplain, Foster Lewis. Romantic attraction to another man is new and terrifying, and Chip just can’t put his finger on why he’s drawn to Foster, but it’s stronger than anything he’s felt for anyone in his life. Never one to back down from a challenge, Chip decides to go for it. But love is never simple, and sometimes it’s a downright mess!

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This was a cute book. One man is trying to get over a painful breakup while the other is trying to figure out why his relationship isn’t working with the woman he is dating.
I found the book quite entertaining and lovely except I found that at times the budding and forming relationship between two of Chip’s players to be distracting from Chip and Foster’s relationship.
Overall it was a good story about two men that have to decide on what is important and how to work through some sticky situations in order to be together.
The narrator did a good job with making the book enjoyable to listen to.


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“Some of [Arvin’s] work is as direct as Hemingway with the sensitivity of O’Connor or Shields, and yet others nuanced as if Maupin wrote a letter to Penthouse.” – Thom Fitzgerald, director THE HANGING GARDEN

Eric Arvin resides in the same sleepy Indiana river town where he grew up. He graduated from Hanover College with a Bachelors in History. He has lived, for brief periods, in Italy and Australia. He has survived brain surgery and his own loud-mouthed personal demons. Eric is the author of WOKE UP IN A STRANGE PLACE, THE MINGLED DESTINIES OF CROCODILES & MEN, SUBSURDITY, SIMPLE MEN, and various other sundry and not-so-sundry writings. He intends to live the rest of his days with tongue in cheek and eyes set to roam.

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