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Title: A Hard Man is Good to Find
Author Name: Kiernan Kelly
Publication Date & Length: May 27, 2015 – 58pgs


When RJ meets Chaos, a private party stripper, it’s gloves (and everything else) off as they butt heads and other body parts on their way to becoming more than just a one-night stand.


Torquere Press



This might have been a short story but you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything.  It was very well written and entertaining.  I found myself laughing in many places.  The author covered a couple of big issues, abuse by a spouse and gay bashing.

The characters were great, the handsome stripper Chaos and RJ, Paula’s brother, had an unusual first meeting, but I loved how they got together and the relationship that  followed. I disliked the brother-in-law Steven, he was so worried about appearances and Paula should have never had married him.

The writing was very descriptive and I enjoyed the story very much.



The doorbell rang, nearly unheard over the music and laughter in the living room. RJ knew who it was; his gift to his

sister had arrived. He made his way to the door to let the stripper inside.

Over six feet of brawny muscle straining at the seams of a tight pseudo-cop uniform waited on the other side of the

screen door. Mirrored sunglasses hid his eyes, but not the sharp line of his jaw or the sexy scruff dusting his cheeks.

For the first time in his life, RJ was struck dumb. He stared at the man, letting his eyes travel slowly over the wide

chest, narrow waist, and long, long legs. There was a bulge just below the buckle of the black leather belt that was

worthy of some very deep contemplation.

The man’s voice was as sensuous as liquid velvet. “I’m from Strip-O-Grams. I’m here for Paula’s bachelorette party.

Is this the right address?” The man cocked one sleek eyebrow, then used one finger to slide his sunglasses down a

bit. He peered at RJ from over the rims. Dark brown. His eyes were dark brown, deep and liquid.

RJ’s face went red and his mouth dry. He was embarrassed to be caught ogling the man like an all-you-could-eat-

buffet, and even more to his chagrin, his dick wasn’t embarrassed about it at all. It filled, pressing against the thin

material of his slacks. Unless he cupped himself, there was no way to hide his erection.

The stripper noticed, and a brief flicker of heat scalded his gaze which only made RJ’s problem worse.

The man’s voice was sensual and deep, almost sex for the ears, and RJ’s cock heard it loud and clear. “Uh, yeah. This

is it. I’m Paula’s brother, RJ.”

“Officer Chaos.”

Chaos is a perfect name, my man, because you are wreaking havoc with my self-control right now. I want to climb

you like a ladder, rung by perfect rung, RJ thought, chewing on the inside of his cheek. He’d asked for a stripper

dressed as a cop — a little private dig at Steven’s position on the city council — but he’d never envisioned how drop-

dead sexy the costume would be, or the man who filled it so admirably.


Kiernan Kelly lives in the wilds of Florida among the gators, palm trees, and tourists, where she remains chained to

the keyboard of a temperamental laptop, churning out stories of gay erotic romance. Don’t laugh – it’s not as kinky

or as much fun as you’d think. Well, maybe it’s a little kinky.


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