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Title: It Takes Two (Memphis S.W.A.T. #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Theresa Hissong (Torquere Books)
Publication Date & Length: September 23, 2015 – 109 pgs


Twelve years of friendship turns into something more when Eva Porter’s two best friends confess their love for her after a heated night between the sheets. Her only dream over the years had been to be the woman for Max and Sam. Living a ménage lifestyle was new to her, but she knew, deep down, that this was what she needed. Eva soon realizes it will take two men to love her completely.

When a threat to Eva’s life presents itself, Max and Sam step up security around their home to keep Eva from being harmed, but the man who wants her dead will stop at nothing to take her out. The suspect will risk everything, even death, to take Eva away from the two men sworn to protect her.

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It Takes Two was a fantastic short, hot read.  Max and Sam, friends and lovers, help out Eva with car trouble.  Many years later and still friends their relationship develops into more.

For a short book this had a huge punch to it.  There was a decent mystery to the story along with some hot sex.

I found Eva to be a strong independent woman who became a police officer.  Max was the alpha male between him and Sam.  It seemed Max was always in charge,  I loved it.

The story was developed well and the characters were perfect. As this is book 1 I hope we meet more of Max’s swat team in the future.  Loved this book can’t wait for more.



Eva, Sam and Max were almost instant friends.  Max and Sam were lovers long before they were friends with Eva, but once they were able to wriggle their way in to her life, she was theirs too.  Despite feelings over the years, nobody ever took the first step.

While I liked that the dynamic between the three was friends who love each other, I did find it kind of hard to believe that nobody ever struck up the courage to say anything.  Why did it take Eva’s danger to help Sam and Max realize that they did want that next step?

It seemed almost too complex of a story for such a short book.  It was rushed and at times, felt almost pieced together.

I liked the plot and found that I wanted to know the answers just as much as the characters, but also felt that it was somewhat predictable too.

I honestly don’t know if this series will continue to follow these three or move on to Max’s SWAT members because there is almost no build-up for the next book.

This was a short story, with some hot sex, but lacked something for me.  It was probably due to the short duration of the story.



This was an… interesting story.
I liked the plot, but I felt like some crucial details were left out. Like how had things not progressed earlier when all involved were interested and not really trying to hide it.
I really felt that the SWAT side of things had absolutely nothing to do with the book except that one of the members was a SWAT member, which left me a bit disappointed. And some of the other aspects of law enforcement seemed like they aren’t realistic.
I’ve read other books by this author and felt like this wasn’t one of her best. I wasn’t as drawn into the story as much as I’d have liked.
That being said, I didn’t think it was overall bad, just needed some more finesse to the writing and more to the characters to make them meatier and interesting.

ThreeandHalfStars I liked the storyline in this book, but there were a couple things I had a problem with. This is my first book by Theresa Hissong, and to tell you the truth, I was a little unimpressed by the quality of writing. The book is fairly well plotted, but the writing itself is a bit simplistic for such a prolific author. It seems like there should be more detail, more description, just more. As far as the plot itself, the biggest problem I had was that all three people waited so long to make a move toward each other. The two males are already in a loving relationship when they meet Eva when she’s 16. The story starts about 16 years later. All three have been yearning for a deeper relationship together for years. Now someone is after Eva. I understand that the danger brings all of them together, and allows an opening for “the move” to finally occur. I just don’t understand why they all held back for so many years without a single one of them saying anything. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the book. I did. It was a quick read, the sex scenes were pretty damn hot, and it was interesting enough to keep me reading.



I picked up this book for two reasons: the world bisexual and the word cop. I love me so bi-peoples and I love me some officers of the law. I was not disappointed in the bisexual aspect, but I was disappointed in the crime. This novella seemed to have an issue deciding if it wanted to be an erotic romance or a crime/mystery.


Working with law enforcement for quite a number of years, I was saddened by the lack of research into the cop side of the drama on this one. There were a lot of aspects that were off in it, things that would never happen. But that was all redeemed in the romantic aspect of it.


The plot, the overall concept of this novella, is one I loved. It was great, creative, would have been interesting and been a five star book had it been executed well, but it wasn’t. The writing was a bit bland and far more telling than showing. I never connected with the characters (all the men are UFC fighter size, by the way, SPOILER on that one), and Eva, for being a beat cop, had no strength, no jadedness, no independence even though the book stated (that’s right, stated did not show) that she was independent. She was the weakest woman I have read in a story in a very long time.


I’m not at all convinced these problems could have been resolved if the novel had been expanded and both plot threads—romance and mystery—had been allowed to come into their own.




Max left the station with the two files in hand. It was close to mid-morning and the evidence from the storms the night before dotted yards and roadsides on his way back to his property just outside the city limits. Small trees were down and although there was no tornado, there was some wind damage to homes close to his.

Thankfully, it looked like they only lost a few limbs on the large oak trees in the sprawling five acres of his front yard of the property. So, it was no surprise to see Eva and Sam spending their Sunday morning cutting and hauling away limbs to a pile to be burned later.

Max stopped on the long gravel driveway up to the house. Eva was tossing limbs into a small trailer that was being pulled behind one of the four-wheelers they owned. Sam approached Max’s SUV, swiping away dirt from his cheek.

“Hey,” Max said when Sam was close enough to hear him. “Eva doesn’t need to be using that shoulder.”

“Tell her that,” Sam laughed and hooked a thumb over his shoulder. “Stubborn, remember?”

Max noticed how Eva was lifting and huffing with a heavy limb. Her long brown hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail and she was bundled up in jeans, boots and one of the hoodies that Sam had bought for her the day before. After the storm had rolled through, the temperatures dropped quickly and they’d be expecting snow in the next few days.

“I’ll go in and build a fire,” Max said, keeping his eyes on Eva’s small body as she worked. She really was beautiful.

“Okay, we’ll finish up and meet you at the house,” Sam winked.

“Hey,” Max said suddenly, stopping Sam from turning away.

“Yeah,” Sam replied.

“How is she this morning?” Max asked, worried. Would she panic and run?

“Perfect,” Sam looked back at Eva. “She’s absolutely perfect.”


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Theresa is a mother of two and the wife of a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. After seventeen years traveling the country, moving from base to base, the family has settled their roots back in Theresa’s home town of Olive Branch, MS, where she enjoys her time with family and old friends.

After almost three years of managing a retail bookstore, Theresa has gone behind the scenes to write romantic stories with flare. She enjoys spending her afternoons daydreaming of the perfect love affair and takes those ideas to paper.


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