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Title: You Make Me Die in Pieces (The Lines of Marsden #3)
Author Name & Publisher: N.J. Nielsen (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: November 5, 2015 – 280 pgs


What would you do if the past changed everything you ever thought you were?

Everything Michael Marsden has ever believed about himself is about to come crashing down around his ears. The life he never wanted is never going to let him go. How can he deal with the future when the past changes everything?

When Doyle’s memories come back, they discover the past isn’t always about what you remember. Sometimes, some people live the same life over. What happens when he realises the cycle has to end?

With help from their family and friends, Michael and Doyle are faced with an uncertain future in the fight to regain a sense of self. With each new revelation of what was, Venetia and her followers are knocking on the door and threatening war. She’s crazier than ever and hell-bent on revenge.

Will what happened in their past be enough to save their future?

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This is the third book in a series and it would probably help to read the previous two books first. I did not, and I loved You Make Me Die in Pieces anyway. N. J. Neilsen is an excellent writer.
I’m pulled into Michael Marsden’s story immediately. He’s funny. His character and the people around him are rich and deep and interesting. His plight is sympathetic. His enemies are fun. I was wary of the advanced and intricate coven plot (who writes vampires anymore?) but everything about this is great.
Even the setting plays a role with its heavy American Gothic overtones. NJ Nielsen deserves more accolades than I currently see on her Amazon pages. Hopefully more people will discover her work.
Five stars
~ C. E. Case
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NJ, is just an ordinary person that has a million stories in her head that she needs to get out and share with the world. I began writing at the age of Twelve with a book Called Admetus Gaea-Untamed World… which I have only recently just found and am almost finished writing it.

I love reading anything, and I have worked my way through a few over the years. My own writing features it all from the paranormal/preternatural, fey, demons & human…. I start with just a picture or a title and sit back as the M/M stories unfold.

I do not plot, preferring to write in Utter Chaos. I was raised in Gladstone, Queensland and now live in a small country town with my family.


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