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Title: Willow Man
Author Name & Publisher: John Inman (DSP Publications)
Publication Date & Length: January 13th 2015- 350 pages


Woody Stiles has sung his country songs in every city on the map. His life is one long road trip in a never-ending quest for fame and fortune. But when his agent books him into a club in his hometown, a place he swore he would never set foot again, Woody comes face to face with a few old demons. One in particular.

With memories of his childhood bombarding him from every angle, Woody must accept the fact that his old enemy, Willow Man, was not just a figment of childish imagination.

With his friends at his side, now all grown up just like he is, Woody goes to battle with the killer that stole his childhood lover. Woody also learns Willow Man has been busy while he was away, destroying even more of Woody’s past. And in the midst of all this drama, Woody is stunned to find himself falling in love—something he never thought he would do again.

As kids, Woody and his friends could not stop the killer who lived in the canyon where they played. As adults, they might just have a chance.

Or will they?

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This grabbed me as soon as I started it and I could not put this book down!

So I love horror books/movies and this book had every element I love in a good horror story! You get the boogeyman type who is beyond evil and just wants to hurt you and even kill those you love. Then you get friends who have not seen each other in years who all must band together to fight this thing and save each other.

The way John Inman tells this story was just amazing! I was on the edge of my seat through this whole book. You get your sad moments, action and horror with this book but you also get your love/steam too between Woody and ….. I can’t say without it being a spoiler.

Woody goes through a lot of pain and sadness in this book and the author really makes you feel everything he is going though with the way he writes this story. There were a lot of scary moments in this book too that really had me jumping. Of course it probably did not help that I read this book at night lol.

So I will leave this review with… I 100% loved this book and would recommend this to those who love a good horror story that may scare you but will show you how strong friendship and love can be when you must stick together to fight that scary monster that goes bump in the night!



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John has been writing fiction for as long as he can remember. Born on a small farm in Indiana, he now resides in San Diego, California where he spends his time gardening, pampering his pets, hiking and biking the trails and canyons of San Diego, and of course, writing. He and his partner share a passion for theater, books, film, and the continuing fight for marriage equality.


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