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Title: Two By Two (Hiding Behind the Couch #6)
Author Name & Publisher: Debbie McGowan – Beaten Track Publishing
Publication Date & Length: March 31, 2015 – 815 pgs


Two pregnancies, two babies, two troubled teens. Two psychologists hunting down the leader of a deadly cult.

When Libby takes a stand against her abusive parents, Josh and George readily make her a part of their family. However, her parents may have been involved in something altogether more sinister, and now The Circle must draw together to protect both Libby and her friend Adam.

Meanwhile, two unexpected guests seek sanctuary in Shaunna and Andy’s new home, but that’s only a part of it, and they soon realise something is very wrong. Someone is watching them…

All this and more in Two By Two: Season Six of Hiding Behind The Couch.

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If I wasn’t sure before, this book sealed Debbie McGowan as one of my favorite authors. I’ve yet to find anything she’s written that I didn’t love.

I can’t say much about the story itself without giving spoilers. This is the most recent part of her ongoing Hiding Behind the Couch series, and it’s fairly important to read them in order for context about the relationships among the characters. Readers can catch on for the most part, but without reading the other parts, it’s difficult to understand a lot of the motivations.

For the most part, although I’ve grown to love all the characters, I really just read these stories for Josh. He is one of my favorite characters in any book, and I love seeing the world through his eyes. He’s complex and interesting, and the best part of this installment in the series is seeing how he’s developed over time.

What I like about Ms. McGowan’s writing is that there’s a realness to it. Her characters deal with some serious issues, but in a way that doesn’t feel played for melodrama. At times, this makes it an emotional read for me because many of their issues are so close to home for me.

The other thing readers should know is that this novel is epically long. I found (due to the emotional impact and the length) that it was best to read it in smaller chunks. It’s easy enough to do, as there are several intersecting storylines and the POV switches frequently. It reads a bit like how it would be if someone put a television series in novel format. I enjoy it, though I suspect there are readers who would find it not to their taste.

I’m looking forward to reading more about these characters (I’ve read the series but not most of the stand-alone companion stories). I highly recommend this, reinforcing that it’s important to start at the beginning for the best experience.



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Author, publisher, social scientist. My academic specialism is gender and sexual politics and identity, so you can expect this to crop up now and then in my writing too! Not in an “in your face” kind of way – subtlety wins hearts and minds.

I live in Lancashire, UK, with family and rescued dogs. It’s green and pleasant, and we get long, long, lovely perfumed days in late spring / early summer. My favourite place in the world is Watergate Bay, Cornwall, but I haven’t travelled much. The most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced is the call to prayer at 11 p.m. on a terrace in Istanbul. Goosebumps+ and I’m an atheist!

I write character-based/driven fiction – mostly general/contemporary, some (M/M & F/M) romance and a bit of sci-fi fantasy (light). Basically, I write about life. I’ve written a few stand alone novels and short stories, but my main work is the Hiding Behind The Couch series, which these days I’m referring to as a literary soap opera. Each novel/novella concludes, but there are always a few loose ends to be picked up and threaded on to the next instalment. There are longer threads and shorter threads.


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