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Title: The Dreamlands Bundle
Author Name & Publisher: Felicitas Ivey (DSP Publications)
Publication Date & Length: January 19th , 2016 — 1003 Pages


The Trust and its battle-hardened recruits are fighting a horrific war, a war between the humans of this world and the demons of the Dreamlands, an alternate world harboring dangerous monsters from children’s nightmares, unbelievable sorcery, and more power than any one man, demon, or institution should possess. In this shadowy battle, Keno Inuzaka is merely a pawn: first an innocent bystander imprisoned and abused by the Trust, then a captive of a demon oni when taken to the Dreamlands. Accompany Keno on his mystical journey of growth, adventure, love, family, and belonging.

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So to start of this review I have to say this world the author created in this book was really amazing!

This book will take you back to ancient Japan and you will get so much action while reading this along with all the many monsters from this world you will meet. I loved the way this author wrote these characters and this story! The way you actually feel like you are there while reading this and the way you are pulled in from the start of this book!

Now Keno one of the main characters there was just honestly something about him that made me love his character so much! You really can’t help but feel bad for him for what he has been through in his life but then through all of these books his character gets so much stronger. Then there was Aboshi and Keno together, which I loved how they interacted together.

There really was so much about this book I loved from the amazing world this author created to all the vivid details, characters and action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

So all together I really loved this book! I would recommend this series!



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Felicitas Ivey is the pen name of a very frazzled helpdesk drone at a Boston-area university. She’s an eternal student even with a BA in anthropology and history, since free classes are part of the benefits. She’s taken courses on gothic architecture, premodern Japanese literature, and witchcraft, just because they sounded like fun. She has traveled to Japan and Europe and hopes to return to both in the future.

She knits and cross-stitches avidly, much to the disgust of her cat, Smaugu, who wants her undivided attention. He’s also peeved that she spends so much time writing instead of petting him. She writes urban fantasy and horror of a Lovecraftian nature, monsters beyond space and time that think that humans are the tastiest things in the multiverse.

Felicitas lives in Boston with her beloved husband, known to all as The Husband, and the aforementioned cat, whom the husband swears is a demon, even though it’s his fault that they have the cat. The husband also is worried about Felicitas’s anime habit, her love for J-Pop music, and her extensive collection of Yaoi manga and Gundam Wing doujinshi, which has turned her library into a Very Scary Place for him.


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