5 Stars for The Cellar Hand (Workplace Encounters) by Serena Yates #MM #Romance


Title: The Cellar Hand (Workplace Encounters)
Author Name & Publisher: Serena Yates (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: November 29, 2015 – 120 pgs


Orson Digby is no stranger to loss. His family died in a house fire when he was fifteen, and he has never recovered from losing touch with his best friend, when he was made to stay with an aunt in a different state. Orson works hard to learn the art of winemaking, and finally starts a job as cellar hand at Clear Springs Vineyard—only to run into his long-lost best friend.

Geoff Robichaud, freshly out of the Marines, is in charge of security at the winery. The friendship between Orson and Geoff is familiar, but the intense physical attraction is new. As they explore their developing feelings, several acts of sabotage threaten to destroy their new employer’s business and their newfound happiness. They need to rely on Orson’s knowledge of viniculture and Geoff’s understanding of security if they want to solve the mystery and build a future together.

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This was a great story. I loved everything about it. Even though it was a short story, it combined everything that a great story can have and made it complete.

Orson and Geoff’s love story was fantastic. Being best friends as teenagers, losing track of each other due to circumstances beyond their control, finding each other later in life, and rekindling their love for each other. Wonderful, sweet, fantastic.

The mystery in the story was excellent. I didn’t know who had done it. Involving Orson in the solving of the mystery and even in the planning and capturing of the perpetrators was great. I loved it. Great addition to the story.

The plot development and the character development in this story was very well done. I applaud the author. Given it was a short story, I usually don’t have high expectations for plot and character development, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I would recommend this story. It was a great romance with a wonderful mystery included.



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I’m a night owl and start writing when everyone else in my time zone is asleep. I’ve loved reading all my life and spent most of my childhood with my nose buried in a book. Although I always wanted to be a writer, financial independence came first. Twenty-some years and a successful business career later I took some online writing classes and never looked back.

Living and working in seven countries has taught me that there is more than one way to get things done. It has instilled tremendous respect for the many different cultures, beliefs, attitudes and preferences that exist on our planet.

I like exploring those differences in my stories, most of which happen to be romances. My characters have a tendency to want to do their own thing, so I often have to rein them back in. The one thing we all agree on is the desire for a happy ending.

I currently live in the United Kingdom, sharing my house with a vast collection of books. I like reading, traveling, spending time with my nieces and listening to classical music. I have a passion for science and learning new languages.


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