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Title: Tempestuous Tides (Mermen & Magic #2)
Author Name & Publisher: L.M. Brown (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: August 4, 2015 – 304 pgs


Bound by a curse, two mermen find the greatest love of their lives, but can they keep it?

Justin is a merman who has been raised on land. He hates his fins and wants nothing to do with his heritage.

Lucas is an ambitious merman who has lived his whole life in Atlantis. He has spent his adulthood hiding his sexuality because homosexual relationships are forbidden in the underwater city. Now he has been sent on a mission by King Nereus to locate his oldest son and bring him back to Atlantis to take his place as the heir to the throne.

Although his mission seems impossible, Lucas finds help from the Atlantean Goddess of Love, little knowing that she has her own reasons for bringing Lucas and Justin together.

Justin is no stranger to immortals, having been raised by two of them, but he has no idea of the consequences of angering the Goddess of Love. When he insults her, she curses him to find love only to lose it forever shortly after. As the love ‘em and leave ‘em type, Justin isn’t overly concerned, at least until Lucas enters his life and he sees how the curse will end.

Together they could have the greatest love of their lives, but only if they can appease the furious goddess before their time runs out.

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This book was such a awesome addition to this series!

I loved the two MC’s in this book Lucas and Justin. Lucas is sent on a mission from his king to go get the kings son Justin who was raised on the land. Lucas has always had to hide that he likes merman. Well everything changes when he gets to land and find Justin then it was on when he realizes Justin is his soul mate.
These two were so good together, you could really feel their connection to each other. There was just so much going on in this book in a good way that I found myself unable to put this book down.
When they go to Atlantis and Justin meets his father then everything that happens after just wow!
Plus the way the king was with his son Justin I just loved it! There is angst in this book and so much steam.. The two of them together were so hot! Then what happens at the end and the sacrifices that must be made… L.M. Brown really made such a amazing world in these books and the way the story draws you in on the edge of your seat hoping for the best for Justin and Lucas. You meet more characters in this book and really what is up with Otus? I know he comes is a bad guy in this book but I have a feeling there is a story behind him on why he acts the way he does..

All together I really loved this book!

I would definitely recommend this series!



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