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Title: Taliasman (Beyond Fairytales #9)
Author Name: Anastasia Vitsky
Publication Date & Length: October 21, 2014 – 72pgs


Born to a destitute woodworker who wanted a son to carry on the family business, Talia grew up with one phrase on her lips: “If I had been born a boy.” If she had been born a boy, she would have been cherished, supported, and launched into the world with her father’s legacy. As only a worthless girl, she toils all day long to earn her handful of inferior grain.

Far away in the heavenly palace, Queen Vina receives a mysterious coin necklace from Nicodemus, teller of stories. Compelled by the throbbing heartbeat, she scours the earth to come across Talia, enslaved to a family who never wanted her. Rather than admit her motives, Vina purchases the girl with a sack full of gold. Furious, betrayed, and homesick, Talia endeavors to share her misery with the entire palace. Vina, afraid to confess her love, allows herself to become trapped in the role of brutal slave owner.

Talia, bred to expect nothing but misery, faces the first choice of her life. Will she accept love, even if it comes from an unlikely source? Or will she reject the one who offers her everything?

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I am so glad I chose to read this gem. It’s a beautiful story with a dreamy, ethereal quality to it (there’s a reason for that, of course). It’s a quick and absorbing read.

I had a hard time putting this one down. I don’t normally enjoy first-person narrative with shifting perspectives, but I think this worked best in that format. We needed to see both sides of the story in order for it to make sense as a whole.

One of my favorite aspects of the story was the exploration of what it means to have been born a girl in a world that seems geared toward preferring boys. The desire to be a boy for its advantages (rather than because of one’s innate sense of gender) is always worth talking about.

The spiritual themes were also present throughout, though I never had the sense that there was heavy-handed religion. There was a sense of holy love underneath the story (which is also intentional; if you don’t know the story this is based on, do read the note at the end).

Finally, this is yet another story which proves there doesn’t need to be graphic content for a story to be romantic and sensual. The scenes between Vina and Talia are lovely and perfect for their relationship.

5 stars



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